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FWIW, I do plan to stick with the shag haircut for awhile as I let it grow out again.

I caved!

Mar. 28th, 2011 02:22 pm
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Er, yeah, so, I wound up having a surprisingly emotionally upsetting experience yesterday followed by nausea for several hours - and hence not much work done. Soooooo, I went ahead and ordered the damn cape. At least it was on sale?

I'm still feeling a bit queasy today and not entirely sure why. But I seem to be keeping down bagels and coca-cola (an achievement only made late in the day yesterday). So off to work I go. And by off, I mean "stay at my desk and read academic work." I'm certainly not putting on real clothing and heading outdoors. Why did NYC get so frelling cold out?!?! It's bloody freeeeeezing.

Been meaning to ask - has anyone on my flist watched Downton Abbey? It's on my "to watch" list. And has anyone heard anything about a second series?
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Today is the first day of my four-day weekend of cleaning and dissertating. I slept for eleven hours last night and had some strikingly vivid dreams this morning. [ profile] fiendish_thingy even appeared in one of them to my delight and surprise. I almost never dream of friends as they actually are. We sat on a couch in the lobby of Gallifrey talking. No idea why. But it felt good to allow my brain the opportunity for extended REM-sleep.

I ate toast with nutella this morning, and herded the laundry previously scattered to the four corners of my flat-world, feeding on dust bunnies.

Then I took this quiz, what I saw on [ profile] droxy's LJ and it's very amusing. Not least of all because since I don't believe in Dante's version of Christian Hell, the results make me think "well, I would be afraid if I believed it..." A tautology of a meme outcome if ever there was one.

The Dante's Inferno Test )

And since we're on the topic of gluttony/indulgence, I really want to buy this cape from TopShop. It's the brown piping that draws me in. Some of you will understand. cut for very large photos )

I took a long shower and contemplated the outline for my dissertation chapters. Clumps of ideas, with a better idea than before regarding what might be missing or need further exploration and developing bubbled up to the surface. Cells splitting into an organism. The creative process is embryonic. But it's also like connective tissue sometimes.

Finally, LJ comments and PMs seem to be randomly delivered to my inbox or swallowed up by my spam folder. So if it seems like I respond to some things in longer than usual time, that's why.
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Well, the dress sold without me. There was no way I'd have been able to afford it. The final bidding was pretty intense too. It jumped steeply in the last 7 minutes, and even jumped from £4,100 to £5,600 in the last 70 seconds. And it's all for charity, which is just lovely.

I have consoled myself by finishing a project [ profile] drfardook and I started a few weeks ago. Behold - 18:06 seconds of Howince goodness with a splash of homage toward Noel's Wuthering Heights performance. (FWIW, I put Vince in red before we knew anything about the red dress. He's meant to be wearing something like his outfit from The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox. [ profile] drfardook made Howard. You'll have to ask him about Howard's outfit).

Anyway, enjoy the video!

It was a lot of fun to make. If you are curious about the how to... )

I know it's terribly amateurish, but nevertheless I'm well chuffed. I plan to post it on [ profile] booshslashhaven and to DeviantArt.
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I'm learning how to make icons. I thought I'd share my little experiments with you. If you have ideas, let me know. And suggestions of where else to post them are welcome (I've only x-posted to [ profile] noelfielding and [ profile] _booshmedia). Special thanks to [ profile] lanitha for her help!

Please let me know if you grab any, and credit me "icon by [ profile] gina_r_snape "

Still Icons )

Animated Icons )
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For those of you who work or live in NYC:

CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) are a great way to get fresh organic produce into your diet and support local farmers.

Just Food has hooked up a number of CSAs in the city with the food stamp program through the Just Food/Wholesome Wave CSA Share Subsidy Program to make local food available to low income families.

If you are interested, or know anyone who might qualify, they can contact Program Manager Paula Lukats at paula at justfood dot org or ring her on 212-645-9880 x233.

The deadline to apply is March 21st.

For those who are interested in CSAs just in general, you can also access the Just Food website to locate a CSA near you, by zipcode.

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What a day

Mar. 16th, 2011 02:34 pm
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Thanks to everyone who sent words of encouragement yesterday! It was a very long day, and I was falling down tired by the end of it. By the time I got home, I looked something like this

However, the day itself was pretty good. After a 3 hour drive, the Homeless Services United organizer gathered us all in a room - 70 people came to lobby! We were split into groups and assigned different elected officials to meet with. My team met with Jose Peralta's Legislative Fellow, who seemed very interested in some of our talking points. Unfortunately, our afternoon meeting was canceled as the finance committee held a previously unscheduled meeting in the senate chamber. But we dropped off materials and went our way home. I feel our day was productive, but you never know until the final budget has passed. I really enjoy lobbying as it employs some of my best features - being able to provide concise information, tailored to the listener, with a compelling message, and I get to wear a suit and tie.

If you are interested in the issues want talking points, let me know and I'll be happy to elaborate. Larger versions of all the photos (including ones I did not post) can be found here

Here's a few pics of me and my team )

I also got the chance to hang out with [ profile] prof_pangaea at lunchtime, who popped down to meet me for lunch. I am still laughing at one thing he said - that he can't look at my face without hearing "Wuthering Heights" in his head. :dies: Ever the perfect gentleman, after finishing our sandwiches he walked me back to the Capitol building. Alas, we did not take a picture together, but I will leave you with this picture of me in a cape! When [ profile] pomona513 and I met up Monday evening we popped into a secondhand shop and I found this little number for only $40. How could I resist? Now I definitely need to go buy those gold Chelsea Boots as they would go perfectly togethertogether )

Now I just want to go home and pass out!
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Wish us luck with the govt beasties!

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I've got a lot on my mind today. So instead I'll do two memes. The first one from [ profile] muscadinegirl and [ profile] pumagrrl. The second from [ profile] bluestocking79

You were born during a Waxing Gibbous moon

- what it says about you -

You love to let people in on the story of how things come together. You know the background of ideas and have a deep understanding of things others just touch the surface of. You can surprise people with your wide variety of knowledge, and they'll remember and appreciate you for it.

What phase was the moon at on your birthday? Find out at

Getting to know you meme )
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What can I say? Ovaries and brains are exploding at my flat right now.


Well done, lads. Well done.
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To piggyback on my prior entry about Glee, Santana's fears regarding the consequences of coming out (even if you are a popular Cheerio) don't just make a good storyline. It's the equivalent of sneaking vegetables into a kid's meal. Now millions of people across the country have another reference in their heads for the potential consequences of homophobia and another face/type of kid to attach to notions of who is and is not LGBTQ in the community.

I know I'm preaching to the converted, but you might be encouraged to know that the CDC now has a web page on the topic.

Additionally, Lady Gaga has canceled her contract with Target over their homophobic political donations.

I just thought y'all could use some positive news.

I think I need a Santana icon now, too.
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I'm going to Albany on Tuesday! Homeless Services United is organizing a lobby day and I'll be driving up with 3 staff members. We're going to try and convince our state senate and assembly persons not to cancel funding for housing homeless NYers. The Governor wants to not only cancel the "Advantage" voucher programs, he wants to retract funding backdating it to the beginning of the year. This would mean thousands of formerly homeless clients would wind up back in shelter as their subsidies would be canceled. Section 8 is currently closed in the state and NYCHA (NYC Housing Authority) has a waiting list of years. Senior housing (Section 202) has a waiting list of years as well. Rentals are through the roof, such that "market rate" means even I would not be able to afford to live alone. I barely make my rent as it is, and it's well below market rate as my flat is rent stabilized. (Think $2500 to $3k for a one-bedroom and you'll get the picture for non-regulated market rent). Most clients in shelter are poor. Any client who brings in more than $1k a month has been encouraged to rent a room. Most of our clients who do so (and that's maybe 9 out of 88) are either working full-time in a new job or receiving social security retirement benefits after working decent-paying jobs. The vast majority of our clients receive public assistance or a combination of social security, disability, and supplemental security income, workers compensation, or some other pension and would not be able to afford a room rental without a subsidy as they tend to go for at least $500 a month or $125 a week for some of the seedier places.

My staff have never participated in a lobby day. I think this will be a good way for them to get involved in the political process as they can speak firsthand to the impact such a funding cut will have on clients, service delivery, and life in NYC for thousands of people. I predict street homelessness will rise, frankly. The city shelters are already above capacity (the census has risen by the thousands in the past year to 8,822 single adults in the system last night 8,364 families with children and 1,31 adult families (no children) according to the DHS website). It's not pretty.

Anyway, enough of that. I want to talk about Glee! )

So, is anybody else on my flist still watching the show?
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I should really be in bed right now. But I had some caffeine earlier and still passed out on my couch. Then [ profile] bluestocking79 and I got into some heavy duty visual scrutiny of some pictures that woke me right up. So I'm gonna force the sleep issue in a few minutes. But first, I meant to post about my weekend.

[ profile] drfardook and I took a trip to Pearl Paint and picked up some art supplies on a whim. Over a meal at Buddha Bodai, I came up with the idea of making a stop motion animated film of Howard and Vince. So we decided to make clay models of them to amuse ourselves. They are still works in progress, but here they are. We also drew Stationery Village, taking turns with the "buildings" and details. My bus came out waaaaay too small, but it's comically small so we found it funny. I think we'll use our drawing as the backdrop if we manage to get software and actually film a clip.

Here is clay!Vince in the making, with Howard in the background )

[ profile] drfardook works diligently on clay!Howard )

Vince whispers something into Howard's ear )

and then goes in for a kiss )

Stationery Village, with a towering Paper Clip Castle )

Fear not. We won't be quitting our day jobs to pursue art careers any time soon. (I'm not sure, but I think I can hear [ profile] jigglykat sniggering all the way from Boston at that thought).

On Sunday my friend BE and I went to Ikea. I bought new pillows and a couple of bits and bobs. I confess, dear readers, that I cannot go to Ikea without buying some of their foodstuffs. Lingonberry jam, Swedish Fontina, cardamom biscuits and some of that squeezable fish stuff in a tube, to be precise. Going to Ikea is a bit like traveling. You do come back with souvenirs.

The best part about Sunday, though, was waking up feeling fully rested. For the first time in over two weeks I felt like I might have passed a hurdle and am truly on the mend. I'm still experiencing symptoms, but they are discernibly waning.

Ok, now I'm off to bed for real!
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Forgive me LJ, it's been 4 days since my last entry. If that sounds oddly like a confessional, maybe it's because of the news I heard this morning. Governor Cuomo is being bashed by religious leaders for living with his girlfriend out-of-wedlock. The news this morning was all about Cuomo's refusal to meet with the Bishop of NY. I am greatly amused. I must admit, I have come to dislike Governor Cuomo in recent days. I sense he holds deep hatred for either NYC, Mayor Bloomberg, or both. But his refusal to meet with a religious leader to discuss his "moral failure" gave me a bit of respect for him.

In other news, I am still drowning in my own fluids. But a little bit less so. Coming back to work this week has been nothing short of exhausting. But yesterday the shelter doctor gave me prescriptions for two inhalers. So now I'm all lightheaded and loopy and phlegmy, but at least a small amount of oxygen is making it to my limbs. I've now had this cold for 14 days.

I'm still not completely finished unpacking from Gallifrey. There are bits and bobs to put away, and my corset needs washing but I am not sure whether to use Woolite on it. Last night I felt vaguely optimistic that I might get something done. I came home, put the cat food away, ate a modest dinner, then promptly passed out on the couch for 1 1/2 hours. So, still no Gallifrey pics. That's ok. I still haven't posted the Wizarding World portrait pics from Infinitus yet. One day...

I missed the deadline for submitting presentations to a conference in October. And I wasn't able to apply for that position in Portland. I try to concentrate on my literature review and my head is just swimming. The good news is, I still have time off. 1 sick day, 2 holidays, and 5 vacation days remain until July 1st. I need to plan them wisely and pray the lurgy doesn't become a lifestyle.

And now that I'm done whinging, I wish to bring your attention to the inimitable [ profile] fidelioscabinet. In light of recent attacks on the right to collective bargaining on the state level, she has started a series of entries on labor history. First one here and the second one here with promises of more to come at irregular intervals. They are extremely interesting and I encourage you to read them. It should come as no surprise to anyone that I favor taxing businesses over cutting health care benefits, laying off workers, etc. And during this time of increased strain on the state level, it does not surprise me that history is repeating itself. Is it any wonder I spend so much time on YouTube watching silly interviews with Noel Fielding and tv shows like Victorian Pharmacy. I yearn for a time when everything seems possible, not impossible. Watching the Daily Show the other day was almost too much to bear.
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Today was extremely unsettling. I woke up with a severe blood sugar drop. I was experiencing shortness of breath and a fever. After being ill for a week, I was deeply concerned to find my condition escalating. So I phoned the doctor who was very alarmed by how I sounded. He (and some friends on FB) urged me to go to the hospital ER for a chest X-ray to rule out pneumonia. I honestly felt like I was going to die, and anyone I spoke with today concurs that I sounded terrible. I could barely breathe. Speaking and walking was nigh impossible. I was genuinely frightened at one point, as it hurts to cough and when I cough I can't catch my breathe.

Turns out I just have an extremely nasty viral infection. The doctor gave me something called Tessalon Perls and I swear it's a miracle drug. It's calmed my bronchial tubes. So while I'm still congested, I can at least breathe now. My friend KS said I was incoherent earlier - words were coming out in spurts and not in the correct order. An hour later and I was a whole new person.

Flist, I am so grateful for my friends. Firstly, BE came over this morning and got rid of my rubbish and brought me juice (the rubbish had accumulated over a few days and was verging on living in squalor as I hadn't the energy to take it out). Then my friend KS picked me up from the hospital and got my prescription filled. She phoned ME & AJ of the Jew Crew, and they brought me soup and challah bread. I've never felt so cared for and NOT alone in my life. It's quite scary to live alone and wonder if anyone will be for you in your time of need. But my friends were there for me and it meant the world.

I leave you now with a video someone made of Noel Fielding's performance on Let's Dance spliced side-by-side with the original (Kate Bush Wuthering Heights). On a day when I feared not being able to breathe, I nonetheless use the term breathtaking to describe his performance. What a treat after such a rough day.

ETA: Oh, and lest I forget. The attending physician who treated me today was named Matt Smith. That's right. The Doctor. I seem to be following in [ profile] jigglykat's footsteps, for those of you who know her story about Rory. ^_^
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I am alive, and almost well and have photos to upload. I met some amazing COSplayers, got to catch up with some old friends and make new ones, spent the day as Waris Hussein's lady in waiting (he was the super surprise guest of my dear friends in Podshock), and generally got away from the computer and from everyday life. Though I did go waaaay over my text message allowance (220/200 with 21 days left to my billing cycle) and forced my account to unlimited this afternoon. LOL

Alas, I also came down with a cold that I think was set in motion days before flying. :( So today instead of unpacking and posting pics, I slept and ate comfort food. Tomorrow work, unpacking, snuggling under a blanket with a certain someone and maybe rewatching An Unearthly Child. But I promise, I will post photos. There were so many great COSplayers and I know you want to see them all. But for now I leave you with three of me that were uploaded by others to FB. I give you Queen Victoria, and her nighttime counterpart Burlesque Victoria (alas, it was too cold to take her out for a grander spin). Middle photo courtesy of [ profile] fiendish_thingy and last photo thanks to my friend JD )

Oh, and before I pass out again I just have to say - [ profile] elrina753 is the best DW con suite mate evar. ILU BABE!
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Well I'm in a good mood today. It's Valentine's Day, and I'm much looking forward to this evening. Also, the Mighty Boosh mouse mat I made on cafepress arrived in the post this morning! Yay.

Anyway, here my flist, have a little Dalek Lurve

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As some of you know, I am a regular reader of Rob Breszny's Free Will Astrology column. I find his weekly 'scopes a kind of hippie, poetic meditation. Ponderings, whether you choose to align them with the stars or simply use them as therapeutic points of contemplation.

Taurus this week reads:

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
You're very familiar with the inexhaustible longings that you harbor in your depths. Your primal hungers for love and connection are never far from your awareness. But the sad thing is that you often regard this as a problem -- as a vulnerability that disempowers you. This Valentine season I'm asking you to change all that. I'm urging you to see your enormous yearnings as strengths . . . to celebrate them as essential fuel for your vitality . . . to treat them as crucial ingredients in your lust for life. Take it from someone who has seen too many people crippled by their lack of passion: You're lucky to be so well-endowed with desire.

While I could certainly choose to relate this to my love life (and may well do so in private), I am in this entry actually relating it to my career. Because in my last entry, the biggest fear I held about applying for a Visiting position is the uncertainty related to job security. So it's curious that I chose to go back to school, to open up the potential to leave a relatively secure if unsatisfying position for the tenure track life. I have, I acknowledge, a certain degree of self-satisfaction over the fact that I am "good at school." I learn concepts quickly. Ok, I have a bit of an ego. I'm not denying it. But I find it's not the "best and the brightest" who necessarily are the most prolific. It's the hungriest. Whether in or out of academia, it's those who have something to say who produce the most. As a relatively placid Bull, I crave certain comforts and security and have become more risk-averse as I age. I am not an angry person. I'm easily amused. I make myself comfortable. But I also know that when placed in positions of risk, I sort of "come to life" to get what's needed done. I'm exceptionally good at crisis management, btw.

I was also listening to the episode of the iProcrastinate podcast entitled "Temptation and Procrastination" today on the train, returning from a meeting with the city. A researcher discussed his findings, that students (and this podcast does seem geared toward doctoral students) tend to procrastinate most through social activities. The prime mediating factor was self-confidence. If someone is truly self-confident about their abilities (and not just living with self-bravado), then there's a greater chance of turning down social outings to stay on task with school work.

I believe this is also linked to a fear of failure. In my case, there is a palpable fear of leaving the secure work environment once I've obtained my PhD. So the question is, how can I take Mr Breszny's advice and use that fear as a strength? My inexhaustible longing to NOT be incomeless, health insurance-less and jobless?

I think the key here is to partialize. Take smaller steps. And to not worry about whether I'll be stuck come May 2012 until after I know if I'll even have finished my PhD by then! But rather, it's to turn my dissatisfaction with the status quo into a hunger for more. And to know that I will move heaven and earth (as I always do) to make sure I have some sort of employment or assistance to fall back on from my family if needed.
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Three days and they start to stink?

I just saw a posting for a Visiting Assistant Professor position in Portland, OR. I've been to Portland. I liked Portland. I could totally see myself living in Portland. They are happy to interview applicants such as myself who are ABD, so long as there's a reasonable expectation of graduation within a year. And they want a policy person. So, like, yeah, totally has my name written all over it.

Except - it's a Visiting position. That means subbing for someone on sabbatical. I wonder if they anticipate openings. Cuz let's face it, moving across the country for one year with no chance of renewal ain't my idea of an ideal situation. Unless I win the lottery.
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