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This is a reproduction of my food blog entry.

Here are two sides that I, as a vegetarian, prefer to boost up to center stage as they contain some protein. Quinoa in particular is a grain with a very high protein content. Every vegetable in these two recipes (except for the garlic) has been a part of our CSA this season.

Do you remember the epazote we got way back in the beginning? Well with any luck, you might have dried it like I did after having used a few fresh leaves.

Quinoa Pilaf )

Pasta Salad )
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It's been a quiet day at the shelter. Half my staff are out on holiday or escorting clients. I can't seem to wake up. So I decided to work on the photos from my dinner last night.

I made a Japanese curry! It's ridonkulously easy. And I used vegetables entirely from my CSA:

butternut squash

Dice to bite size chunks. Saute onions in oil for a few minutes. Add the other veggies. Stir until all are coated in cooking oil. Add water. Boil for 10 minutes (until vegetables are tender but firm). Add Japanese curry cubes (it looks like the weirdest chocolate bar you've ever seen). Boil until thickens. Serve over rice.

After I added the curry, it looked so murky and ominous I thought it resembled something one might boil in a cauldron for potions class. So I took a little movie of it and even made an icon today:

Here are two pics of the final product. Which do you like better?

With spoon: )

Without spoon: )

FYI, I used Golden Curry (mild). Next time I will go for the medium, as the squash made it taste rather sweet for a savory dish.
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So phase I of my spring cleaning commenced this morning. I went through my cupboards and threw old stuff away, wiped down surfaces, and catalogued what remained. I thought I'd issue a kitchen challenge.

What interesting, innovative, or just reeeaaaally really good recipes might you have for what remains?

Take it as read that I either have or have access to any spices. Ordinary ones like bay leaves, cumin, garlic powder and oregano as well as more obscure things such as curry leaves, amchur powder, wasabi and blackened seasoning. Also assume I have the necessary kitchen equipment (except for a Kitchen Aid). I have a crock pot, pressure cooker, bread machine, hand mixer, george foreman grill, cuisinart, wok, and a couple other things.

Ok, ready? Here's the list:
Pasts, Grains and Cereals )

Beans (dried) )

Canned Products )

mixes/sauces/batter )

Other Flavorings )

Vinegars )

Phew! That's all of it (not including refrigerator contents like brown sugar, ketchup, HP sauce, different kinds of mustard, etc).


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