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I just finished grading my exams and submitted final grades for my class. Regarding the exam - 2 students failed the final (but one came up to me and admitted she blanked under pressure). 2 C+ grades; 1 C, the rest B or better. Out of 29, I'd say that's pretty darn good.

I'm waiting on one student who got an incomplete. Otherwise, I'M DONE FOR THE SEMESTER. No more teaching until September!

Pardon me while I celebrate with a few appropriate gifs

Tomorrow night I'll be celebrating by attending Hotsy Totsy Burlesque's Harry Potter and the Boobies of Fire. (I am even getting in for free!)

And then, finally, I will have time to finish my Boosh fic! And celebrate the holidays! And then work on my dissertation!

:flaily Kermit arms:
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Thank goodness for quiet mornings, because I have a stack of papers to grade. I figure if I can get at least seven done today, this will put me at a good pace for finishing them the rest of the week. So far no "gems" to share with you, but a few surprisingly enjoyable ones. Yay.

On Friday one of my students rang me for clarification about the next paper and we got onto the topic of music. It never ceases to amaze me that students put you in a bubble. This particular student missed a class because he had a gig (they are allowed to miss two). So I asked him about his band and this turned into a longish chat on musical influences. He said his band was psychedelic like Pink Floyd and I asked if he liked Tame Impapa, which he'd never heard of. He said people compare them to Mazzy Star. I said that's more like goth psychedelia - like some Cure. I suggested perhaps they were a mix between The Cure and Syd Barrett. He seemed pleased and impressed. He's going to bring me a demo tape of his band. I'm fairly certain he's never talked music with a professor before, so I'm not sure if he was surprised at my interest in music, or my interest in his band. Still, it was a nice way to relate.

After hanging up with him, I met up with [ profile] elrina753 and we went to an art show for the comic book Kill Shakespeare and missed Michael Moore joining the party by mere minutes. The show was cramped and fun. The artist and writers were great guys, very engaging and a little bit flirty. One of them (Anthony) thought I was either a musician or clothing designer based on my outfit, which amused and pleased me greatly. He kept asking about my fiction (I said writing was a creative outlet) and [ profile] elrina753 did her best to keep from laughing and screaming SHE WRITES FANFIC PORN. I told him about a short story I had published many years ago. Well, it wasn't a lie! The other writer (Connor) kept asking about our television and fandom interests, which only garnered more opportunity for potential facepalmage as the Prosecco flowed and the space became steadily more cramped. I swear, I felt a bit like they were trying to get us drunk and suck ideas out of us.

I can't say I regret not running into Michael Moore. Although I agree with some of his politics, I do not get the sense he is very pleasant company as he's quite in-your-face to just about everyone whether you're on his side or not.

At any rate, after several glasses of Prosecco and much jovial conversation, we made our way over to Tea & Sympathy for dinner and managed to also finish of a Banoffee Pie that we shared. Then she helped me back to my place with bags of goodies for our upcoming Booshfest with [ profile] soulsister101 next weekend. They also gave us bags of Walker crisps that were just at their expiry date. I've brought them into work. People seem to find them exotic and exciting, just because they are British. :grin:

Saturday night reminded me just how much I love the internet and the kindness equally obsessed nature of strangers in fandom because someone managed to record and upload the Mighty Boosh Band Zappa tribute performance. PM me if you want a download link.

Here is a clip from the show. "Hello Little Deer" comes from their early radio show and this performance includes Noel reading bits from Zappa's Old Bailey Obscenity Trial. I think Frank would've loved their tribute; it was definitely surreal.

Yesterday was all about cleaning and grading papers. And tonight I'm going to use up the rest of my CSA bounty by making a Japanese curry and a cranberry cake.

We have sleet today; it's chilly and windy. Daylight savings is here, and soon it will be winter. I can't believe it's November already.

How was your weekend, flist?
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So I had a telephone meeting with my dissertation chair this morning and it was great. We talked about time expectations, file sharing and draft protocols, my data set, what things from the data management course of hers I took that have proven useful so far, and my trip to the conference. It was so encouraging and refreshing. And she said she felt I had the right kind of temperament and inquisitive mind to be well suited for a University position.

She agreed that completing my work this time next year is realistic, especially when considering how little time I have between working f/t and teaching. Though she remarked that working at about 140% (well over 40 hours a week dedicated to some kind of work activity) was a good indicator of what I consider a "normal" work schedule. LOL

Tonight I have more papers to grade, and I'm under the gun to get them done. This is why I have not yet posted my pics from Sunday. Or my pics from Portland. Fear not, my beauties, they are on the way!

But I give you this, which relates to my post:

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So last week I exercised four days in a row and felt really good about it. I did a lot of walking yesterday, and decided that was enough for one day. I figured today I'd get on my exercycle after work. Except I wound up having some problems with my pump, which meant I couldn't do anything until that was fixed. I'll spare you the medical explanation except for that you're not supposed to exercise when you run ketones. So instead I had to wait for things to calm down (several hours) and then I just did some yoga. I feel good for that, at least. So that's pout #1. I'm fine, btw. This happens on occasion, so don't worry. It's just too late in the evening for me to start doing cardio and hope to have a full night's rest.

Pout #2 was a phone call I received this afternoon. Remember when I applied for that faculty position several months ago? Well someone from the University rang me up because one of their adjuncts fell ill and they are in a spot of bother trying to hire a replacement. I had to turn them down. There's no way I can pick up an extra class now, especially not in the middle of the afternoon way up in the Bronx. I had to tell her my commitments were made for the semester. But even more to the point, it turns out they wanted to hire me for the position. Only, they couldn't get a guarantee on the salary line because of all the problems with the University budget tied to the NY State budget. And our state government is a clusterf*ck of FAIL this year and nothing was finalized in Albany until late August, rendering the possibility of guaranteeing a faculty line nil.

So double pout. But at least I know I interviewed well. I told her I really wanted it, to keep me in mind if a full-time faculty position opens up in the future. She said she would. She sounded a bit annoyed that I wouldn't take the adjunct position, but there was just no way.

btw, as a total aside, the knife I bought on Saturday was a Forschner 7" Santoku Granton Edge knife with the Rosewood handle. I used it again tonight and I'm even more in love than the first time. Cutting with it was so smooth, it was like makin' love to my vegetables. Except, you know, not in the hur hur sort of way. The knife, the board, and I were as one. And at such a reasonable price, I dearly wish I'd purchased it sooner.
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Hello my darlings. It's been a crazy couple of days and there are things I want to write about, but haven't the presence of mind because Benadryl has not left my system. Chiefly, I saw "I Am Love" in the cinema on Friday and was completely blown away by it. I also went to the Howl Festival and it was verrrry small, but saw a terrific piece of performance art. I will post picture(s) and/or video when I get the chance to sift through them.

Work is crazy today. One of my staff is on holiday and I am fielding all of her calls and so I am doing two jobs this week instead of one. It's a very important position, as well, as this person deals with everything specifically related to housing. Having an antihistamine-addled brain isn't helping. My eyes are also super blurry because of the combined effect of allergies and dry eyes. This time of year is always the worst for my head - literally my neck up.

Fic Writing
I've been toiling away at my Boosh fic, and it's not easy writing comedy. I'm trying to fashion it to read like one of the shows, with a narrative setup, dialogue, certain in-jokes, etc., and just don't have the skill level. But it's ok, this is an exercise in fun and also to use my brain in a different way to stimulate creativity for writing theory (believe it or not). HP fic came easier to me, and I wonder if it's because that was a medium based in reading. The language was in my head already. This show is both heavy in dialogue/banter and reliant on visual comedy that isn't as easily translated to fanfic for me. And I'm not even miles near any thought of writing smut. (Maybe that's my problem!)

One happy little accident I discovered over the weekend was about a download. I wanted to snip out the music concert ending of their Future Sailors Tour DVD (that I downloaded from "Jacques LeCube") so I imported the file into Audacity. I have little skill with that program, but I know how to cut and save as mp3. When I went to play back, I discovered there was heretofore undiscovered audio commentary. So, yay hidden gem!

But anyway, the Empire Justice Center has released their Self-Sufficiency Standard for the State of New York, which calculates by county what a household needs just to get by as minimally self-sufficient (as opposed to the poverty line, which is a different but similar measure of 'when you are officially considered poor' and is a national standard).

They calculate a family of three in Brooklyn (1 adult, 1 pre-schooler and 1 school-age child) needs $63,166/yr or $29.91/hr - $22.66 above the minimum wage for NY State. This amount varies not only by county, but also within NYC by borough (and Northern vs Southern Manhattan). Of course, I plan to use this later in the semester for my class.

Now I'm off to get my pick-up. Will post the list shortly.

ETA: CSA This week we got:

Summer Squash
Plum Tomatoes
Green Tomatillos
Butternut Squash
Macintosh Apples
Pears (two kinds)

I've never cooked tomatillos before. Any ideas out there?
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I give you this snarktastic essay on the Future of Plagiarism from The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Now I'm off to hunt down a black feather boa for tomorrow. Jazz Age Lawn Party, y'all!

And then there's the DWNY picnic on Sunday!

I'm so hyper today, y'all. It's been a crazy week and I am soooo ready for this weekend.

Have a good one, flistees.

:bouncy, bouncy, bouncy:

poor laws

Aug. 19th, 2010 12:29 pm
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The thing I love the most about teaching the policy history course is the focus on the 18th and 19th centuries. I start my class with the 1601 Elizabethan Poor Laws. But I really get excited once we hit the Civil War, up to the Progressive Era, because this arch of time marks the birth of the social work profession.

Today while perusing the headlines I came across this BBC article on archives of Victorian poor in the UK and Wales. What a boon this will be for social work and other poverty historians in the UK. I wish we had something similar in the States. I've long lusted to work with the LES Tenement Museum on a project to see what help former tenants sought from local settlement houses and charity organizations much in line with this book on their eating habits.

If I were 10 years younger, I'd go back and do a PhD (or at least Masters) in History after completing my PhD in Social Work.
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I'm smiling because my nerve test yesterday was nowhere near as bad as some others' experiences.

And because my lunch was tasty.

And because someone just told me a tasty little secret about their sex life.

But mostly, I'm smiling because I'm grading papers and last night one of my students told me "the word on the street is that you're a hard grader, in case you wanted to know."

This amused me greatly.
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Tonight was my last Thursday class and I really did like this group of students. It's funny, I taught the same course on Monday nights but the dynamic was so profoundly different. I liked some of them too. But I really bonded with my Thursday class.

This was one of those occasions where I could feel on a deep level that I'd impacted their lives. They will walk away with a greater appreciation for policy and politics and social justice and the importance of policy in their own professional development. And we liked each other. There were so many warm fuzzies going around and it was genuinely fulfilling. Under the right circumstances, I really come alive when teaching. I tried to process with them what they'd learned and what they would take away from the course. But it turned into a "Gina love fest" of sorts. They told me I made policy relevant to them. Some of them were more politicized than ever. Some of them expected to hate the course but instead found this to be one of their favorites. They liked my teaching style. They liked what I did with Blackboard. They liked my hand outs. They liked my humor. They liked my passion and sense of fairness. It was overwhelming, and probably just what I needed at the end of a long and difficult semester.

Afterward, I joined the birthday party mentioned in my last post. Nice people, but as I suspected I didn't really fit in. S'ok. I'm glad I went. One funny thing happened. After dinner the group went to a dive bar and as I was leaving some random woman exclaimed that I had fantastic cleavage. And it wasn't a pick up line! Completely out of nowhere. No idea who she was, just that she was a bit taller, much younger and much blonder than I. And apparently, checking out my girls.

The [ profile] snapecast folks insist my cleavage got us a free bottle of wine at Portus. Maybe I should have stuck around the bar a little longer tonight. :o)

I also had a good interaction with the doctor who comes to the shelter, which was a relief after the tensions from last week.

I guess today turned out to be a good day to be Gina, after all.


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