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Birthdate:Apr 28
Location:New York, United States of America
Welcome to my LJ. Some of you may know me from the HP fandom. But the conclusion of the HP series has allowed me to branch out and appreciate my other loves and fandoms--these days chiefly Noel Fielding - Mighty Boosh and Buzzcocks, Doctor Who, Jon Stewart, John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, David Tennant, Glee, Farscape, Aeryn Sun, HP and DW COSplay. I belong to a CSA and believe in supporting local, sustainable agriculture. I am mostly a vegetarian, consider myself a foodie and a die hard NYer who yearns to travel in both space and time.

Just a heads up. If you are uncomfortable with the fact that I am: a) extremely liberal; b) half-jewish; c) bisexual/pansexual; d) slytherin; e) diabetic; or f) a social worker and doctoral student committed to social justice in the assertion of equal rights and redistribution of wealth and resources, then have a nice life.

When not on LJ (or FB or Tumblr or YouTube or Flickr where I can also be found as Gina R Snape - wow I spend too much time online), I spend most of my time working at a homeless shelter, teaching MSW students and working on my PhD. My teaching and research interests include homelessness, gerontology and LGBT rights, with a particular interest in trans issues, the intersectionality of oppression leading to income and health disparities and the need for policy reform (my dissertation focus). Yet despite these heady and serious academic interests, my entries are either unbearably light or plagued with navel gazing. So, what can I tell you?

I'm also a proud member of [info]snapecast, the only podcast dedicated to All Snape, All The Time.


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So, I'm a pretty friendly person. But sometimes I'm horrible at keeping up. So please don't take it personally if I don't friend you back right away or neglect to comment for awhile. Also, I strive to stay away from fandom wank and LJ interpersonal drama. So please don't bring that sort of thing here or expect me to be part of it. I'm here for fun and a sense of community, as life is hard enough. Also, if I don't know you in RL and you want to friend me please do not do so just because I have "Snape" in my name or because I belong to Snapecast because you'll be sorely disappointed by the lack of Snape content. I'm flattered, but I won't friend you back unless you engage me socially.

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