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Forgive me LJ, it's been 4 days since my last entry. If that sounds oddly like a confessional, maybe it's because of the news I heard this morning. Governor Cuomo is being bashed by religious leaders for living with his girlfriend out-of-wedlock. The news this morning was all about Cuomo's refusal to meet with the Bishop of NY. I am greatly amused. I must admit, I have come to dislike Governor Cuomo in recent days. I sense he holds deep hatred for either NYC, Mayor Bloomberg, or both. But his refusal to meet with a religious leader to discuss his "moral failure" gave me a bit of respect for him.

In other news, I am still drowning in my own fluids. But a little bit less so. Coming back to work this week has been nothing short of exhausting. But yesterday the shelter doctor gave me prescriptions for two inhalers. So now I'm all lightheaded and loopy and phlegmy, but at least a small amount of oxygen is making it to my limbs. I've now had this cold for 14 days.

I'm still not completely finished unpacking from Gallifrey. There are bits and bobs to put away, and my corset needs washing but I am not sure whether to use Woolite on it. Last night I felt vaguely optimistic that I might get something done. I came home, put the cat food away, ate a modest dinner, then promptly passed out on the couch for 1 1/2 hours. So, still no Gallifrey pics. That's ok. I still haven't posted the Wizarding World portrait pics from Infinitus yet. One day...

I missed the deadline for submitting presentations to a conference in October. And I wasn't able to apply for that position in Portland. I try to concentrate on my literature review and my head is just swimming. The good news is, I still have time off. 1 sick day, 2 holidays, and 5 vacation days remain until July 1st. I need to plan them wisely and pray the lurgy doesn't become a lifestyle.

And now that I'm done whinging, I wish to bring your attention to the inimitable [ profile] fidelioscabinet. In light of recent attacks on the right to collective bargaining on the state level, she has started a series of entries on labor history. First one here and the second one here with promises of more to come at irregular intervals. They are extremely interesting and I encourage you to read them. It should come as no surprise to anyone that I favor taxing businesses over cutting health care benefits, laying off workers, etc. And during this time of increased strain on the state level, it does not surprise me that history is repeating itself. Is it any wonder I spend so much time on YouTube watching silly interviews with Noel Fielding and tv shows like Victorian Pharmacy. I yearn for a time when everything seems possible, not impossible. Watching the Daily Show the other day was almost too much to bear.
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You want Snape? Oh, have I got some Snape for you. Be prepared for Snape to punish your bandwidth with The Snapiest Post There Ever Was  )

and the one shot I've not seen anywhere else . . . my prize shot . . . You just might recognize the property of the Half Blood Prince )


Aug. 6th, 2010 09:04 pm
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Behold - the most ridiculous thing I have eaten all week.

That's fried green tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and soy bacon on a skillet-toasted homemade roll topped with kosher salt, sesame and poppy seeds. The only thing that wasn't fried in ghee was the basil. I may be tempted to add mayo next time.

Other ridiculous things I have eaten of late:

A cupcake with Snape's nose )

Snapecast's Own Chardonarry, Blood Red Elf-made Wine from Spinners End and Malfoy Merlot (I went a bit nutty making wine labels for the [ profile] snapecast meetup) )

Ice cream from Florean Fortescue )

Cauldron cakes and Chocolate Frogs from Honeydukes )

and Butterbeer at the Hog's Head Inn )

[ profile] fiendish_thingy Snape might suspect Hermione drank polyjuice concocted from his potions stores . . .  )

but I'll just don an innocent smile and neither confirm nor deny . . .  )

Not even Lucious Malfoy could get that out of me, in fact )

Oh, and I may or may not have been joined by [ profile] pennswoods for a burger in paradise at some point )

Sorry if this entry made you hungry.
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I'm so sorry, my flistees. It's been a hectic few days, and more hectic times to come as DHS is sending me on a two-day training in Brooklyn starting tomorrow.

I've sorted through my Infinitus pics, but I still need to upload them to post. In the meantime, here is a short video of the sorting hat. If you listen carefully, you can hear the sorting hat warn you not to get on the Forbidden Journey actual ride (past the queue through the castle) if you are pregnant or suffer motion sickness. I should have listened - as I can't even ride the subway sitting backwards without getting woozy. Nevertheless, I'm glad I went on it, even if I was still sick the next morning as the other [ profile] snapecasters unfortunately witnessed.

In other news, I had my dinner party Saturday night and it was a great success. The food came out exactly as I hoped- my brother couldn't get enough of my hummus or my leek tarts. The lemon/fume sauce for the fish and zucchini was light and creamy and frothy just as Eric Ripert describes in the book. And I got the kids to eat veggies, whole wheat bread, and entertain themselves with the kitties and NO TV ALL EVENING.

My SiL wants to do it again. :)

Here is Jenna playing with Calliope

Now I'm off to another meeting, and tonight is CSA night again! I'm hoping for cilantro, as I've got two ideas in mind.

Ciao for now!
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So it looks like I won't be able to upload and sort my photos from the con until Sunday, as I have a dinner guest tonight and plans Friday night and Saturday. Most of my pics are not that different from everyone else's, though I did find a few hidden Snapely/potions treasures at Hogsmeade up my sleeve.

But while looking over pics today and yesterday, and chatting with [ profile] mysduende about all the COSplaying, I recalled something I told her jokingly when I went to Portus two years ago - that it was filled with fat girls in short skirts (aka "my people"). And looking at the pics from this year, I am struck by just how much of a queer space is embodied by the HP con.

It's not Queer with a capital Q. Not political, not intellectual, not in-your-face making a point to change the world or shift your paradigm (which I'm all about too). Rather, it's instinctual, inner life come to life. This universal feeling of how hard it is to reenter the muggle world strikes at the core of a kind of identity all its own. That we have people who cross gender lines in COSplay, who use COSplay as a way to explore all manner of inner life, or tailoring and makeup skills, or because the wig just looked right, that some people COSplay specific characters who call to them, and others simply wear their own version of "how I'd look if I were wizarding" in this shared fantasy space is something I find profoundly moving and affirming. I love that nobody is made to feel out of place because of age or weight or race or physical ability (at least not that I witnessed or heard).

That a simple house color tie or sweater sends a message understood by all in attendance is unfathomable to my coworkers. I don't even bother discussing it with my family. So it's this powerful form of community, the likes of which JKR could never envision - because it barely has anything to do with her - and it once again strikes me as queer in the most positive way imaginable.

I can tell you that I got chills when I heard [ profile] logospilgrim's talk about Harry "finding" Snape's eyes (and btw she knows how to rock a 3-piece suit). I nodded in recognition, familiarity, almost like family, when [ profile] droxy, [ profile] stitch_witch, [ profile] alabastard and [ profile] alabastardragon gave their talk. And being the attention whore natural teacher/group facilitator that I am, it was no work at all to get people to share ideas about their problems with the HP films at our [ profile] snapecast presentation. (And yes, there is an Infinitus/Park episode in the works!).

Witnessing the creativity of the community also fills me with glee. There were women dressed in Victorian versions of house uniforms! I bought a pair of earrings shaped like brooms. What's not to love?

It's true, I am exhausted. I learned more about my physical limitations on this trip than I care to admit (eyes the yoga mat and exercycle collecting dust). I hadn't realized until I didn't feel well just how much my CSA has reshaped my relationship to processed and bad food (I seem to now have a lower tolerance for highly salted foods, for one). But this is the topic for another entry.

So I guess I want to say welcome back to old friends and new, and that it's an extraordinary feeling to find one's own. While I enjoyed Gallifrey a few months back, I recall mentioning to [ profile] rm that I don't have a "position in the fandom" like I do in HP. But now I realize it's more than just that. Sure, it's gratifying to have people ask me "Are you Gina R Snape?" because we've crossed paths online. But it's not just that. I love DW, but I can't escape the feeling that I'm a guest trying to catch up and remember everyone's names. In HP, it feels like home, even if I'm standing next to someone I've never seen in my life. Is it any wonder I got a little choked up standing in the fake Hogsmeade for the first time? Sure, you have to ignore the mass merchandising, suspend disbelief, ignore the shoving crowds, squint a little bit. But sometimes, even an approximation of the "real thing" can be the real thing if you make it so in your mind. And that goes for the park, for the con, and I daresay everyday life where many many many things feel more like an approximation of real life than real life.

Yeah, ok, so I'm a bit of an optimist today. Don't crucio me! :)


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