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And just like that, summer is here. It's nearing the end of May and I've already had cause for turning on the A/C. The clock is ticking on me getting dissertation writing done (I plan to send something in to my committee in July). And I haven't even posted the pictures I took at the Pride Parade nearly a year ago. :shameface: I've been totally exhausted lately. I'm sure it's work-related and just caught up to me. But now I've fallen into a pattern where I don't sleep well at night, wake up tired, come home and nap after work, and don't sleep well again. Here's hoping the 3-day bank holiday weekend helps fix that.

On the plus side, T-Rex and I are coming up on our first anniversary! And I've joined another CSA. I've given up on the last one. I found them just too disorganized and it was a struggle to pick up the produce by 6pm. So this year I joined the Stanton Street CSA. They held a little "welcome orientation" last weekend and I got to meet the farmer. He was a lovely, soft-spoken fellow who talked about his farming, philosophy and commitment to supporting area agriculture and good labor practices. And he gave us a sense of what to expect, which was quite helpful. I got to meet the home organizers and some of the members and everyone seems super nice. I also have a share partner, who I have not met yet. (She posted on a board looking for someone). But we have emailed and spoken on the phone.

Pickups are Thursdays, so at least I can prep/store/cook at the weekend.

I leave you with this picture. T-Rex and went for a walk after dinner earlier this week and stopped for dessert at a place called Dessert Club. I got a green tea shaved ice and boy was this more than I expected!

And yes, I am totally omitting the story about how I was feeling too ill and tired this weekend to go out so T-Rex went to the Waystation with some other Whovians and wound up meeting Matt Smith and Steven Moffat there.
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I posted this to LJ, and them remembered the folks over here. So here ya go.



A revamping of Hermione's wig



Hint: The Master (Delgado) was a bit flirtatious with her at one point.
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Thought I'd post this here as LJ is acting up (and [personal profile] cmcmck suggested it!

Greetings flist!

It's been a busy few weeks and I am more than remiss in wishing you all a Happy Chanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.

T-Rex and I have been so super busy that I opted to stay home today, slightly crushed from fatigue. (I slept until 1pm!).

One thing we did to be in the holiday spirit was go to the Holiday Train Show at the Transit Museum shop at Grand Central. This video is waaaay better than the one I attempted. Enjoy!

We also rode a vintage train! It ran along the M line. T-Rex and I enjoyed it so much we went twice! First on our own, then with some friends the weekend after. Here are some clickable thumbnail photos (and a few videos) of the train ride and assorted other Christmas-y New Yorkness.



T-Rex and I with friends on the train )

Reproductions of vintage ads, along with some old train signs )

Some other views of the train )

I'd forgotten how loud these old trains were. But LJ keeps cutting off my post and now this is the third time I'll try to re-type it. GRRRRR!!!! Embedding this video seems to be a culprit, so here's a direct link¤t=IMG_1718_zps9a83c0df.mp4

It was great fun riding the vintage train. I remember it from my childhood, so it brought back tons of memories. T-Rex remembers it too, and he loves trains. So it was a joy just to watch his face light up when we were on it. The friends who accompanied us had never ridden them, so that was a treat. :-)

T-Rex did a lot of walking in December. Here are a few pics of us about town )
Christmas itself was quiet and lovely. I LOOOOVED the Doctor Who Christmas Special. I felt a real spark of excitement for the Doctor finding (being found by?) a new companion. And there was good chemistry between them. So for the first time in ages, I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.

And New Year's Eve was quiet. Neither of us felt like heavy partying (or being around other people, even!) So I put together a little cheese plate. We ate some nibbly things and sipped our drinks and sat on my couch and giggled. And as T-Rex noticed a 7-second delay from the Times Square broadcast, we toasted the new year twice. ^__^ It was wonderful to be tucked into our little hidey-hole, away from the rest of the world.

And now here's hoping this entry doesn't get clipped again. I wish you all the best for 2013, flist!
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Forgive me LJ, it's been 4 days since my last entry. If that sounds oddly like a confessional, maybe it's because of the news I heard this morning. Governor Cuomo is being bashed by religious leaders for living with his girlfriend out-of-wedlock. The news this morning was all about Cuomo's refusal to meet with the Bishop of NY. I am greatly amused. I must admit, I have come to dislike Governor Cuomo in recent days. I sense he holds deep hatred for either NYC, Mayor Bloomberg, or both. But his refusal to meet with a religious leader to discuss his "moral failure" gave me a bit of respect for him.

In other news, I am still drowning in my own fluids. But a little bit less so. Coming back to work this week has been nothing short of exhausting. But yesterday the shelter doctor gave me prescriptions for two inhalers. So now I'm all lightheaded and loopy and phlegmy, but at least a small amount of oxygen is making it to my limbs. I've now had this cold for 14 days.

I'm still not completely finished unpacking from Gallifrey. There are bits and bobs to put away, and my corset needs washing but I am not sure whether to use Woolite on it. Last night I felt vaguely optimistic that I might get something done. I came home, put the cat food away, ate a modest dinner, then promptly passed out on the couch for 1 1/2 hours. So, still no Gallifrey pics. That's ok. I still haven't posted the Wizarding World portrait pics from Infinitus yet. One day...

I missed the deadline for submitting presentations to a conference in October. And I wasn't able to apply for that position in Portland. I try to concentrate on my literature review and my head is just swimming. The good news is, I still have time off. 1 sick day, 2 holidays, and 5 vacation days remain until July 1st. I need to plan them wisely and pray the lurgy doesn't become a lifestyle.

And now that I'm done whinging, I wish to bring your attention to the inimitable [ profile] fidelioscabinet. In light of recent attacks on the right to collective bargaining on the state level, she has started a series of entries on labor history. First one here and the second one here with promises of more to come at irregular intervals. They are extremely interesting and I encourage you to read them. It should come as no surprise to anyone that I favor taxing businesses over cutting health care benefits, laying off workers, etc. And during this time of increased strain on the state level, it does not surprise me that history is repeating itself. Is it any wonder I spend so much time on YouTube watching silly interviews with Noel Fielding and tv shows like Victorian Pharmacy. I yearn for a time when everything seems possible, not impossible. Watching the Daily Show the other day was almost too much to bear.
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Well that was some weekend. I mostly slept, with occasional bouts of productivity. Or consciousness. Who am I to quibble over words? Suffice to say, rather than getting done what needed getting done my body said (queue gravely obstinate voice) "Oh hale no! I ain't movin' for no $hit." FWIW, I am still in pain but a lot less so than a few days ago.

I had another vivid dream - this one involving me making sandwiches at the home of friends in Berlin and incomprehensible telephone conversations. I'll spare you.

Question - is anyone on my flist going to watch the Being Human spin-off "Becoming Human"?

Question Two - is anyone on my flist a huge fan of the Rolling Stones and willing to pay shipping costs for a few picture books I no longer want?

Question Three - Is anyone on my flist going to Gallifrey with whom I have not already been in contact about going?

Right, it's 6pm. I'm going to do my best to stay up and work on my lit review. FYI, the Task Force fiiiiinally released their 2008 study on transgender discrimination (just in time for Creating Change?). I'm sure my ex SF must be happy it's reached the light of day. Now the question is, will they ever release the data for others to examine?
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Well, 2011 is off to quite a start. Sorry it's taken me so long to post. Alas, my friends had cameras and I did not and they STILL have not come forth with photos. So the few I did manage to take with my iPhone have been light and exposure adjusted and you can aaaalmost make us out.

Since last year worked out so well, I went back to Alias restaurant again this year and it was LOADS OF FUN. The owner made funny hats for everyone and genuinely hand-picked them to suit individuals with amazing accuracy! [ profile] pov_power was there, and so was [ profile] soulsister101, and a string of others who are sadly LJ-less.

We toasted at midnight and there were hugs and kisses(!) and the DJ played "What's So Funny About Peace Love and Understanding" by Elvis Costello. At first I was a bit "Whuuuh?" because last year they played Lady GaGa and we all started dancing like maniacs. But then I decided this was an incredible sentiment and hopefully a good omen.

Here are some pics of the party-goers with goofy hats (I mean it when I say these pics are murky at best )

After dinner, most of the party left. But my dear dear friend JD and I did some party-hopping. Walking down Rivington St. we ran into some Australians and other nationals (including one guy born in Israel, raised in Edinburgh who now lives in London) standing outside of Essex who were super fun. They had an extra wristband for their party (they paid $150 for open bar!!!) so we got in for free and got free drinks. I tipped heavily.

Then JD and I decided to bar-hop. We walked in and out of a lot of places I never hang go to. It made me feel like I was getting to know another side of my neighborhood. Walking through doors to find cavernous entrances beyond storefront facades, I felt like it was something out of a dreamscape. We also said goodbye to the LES standard Max Fish, which is slated to close soon. You can see us a bit better in these photos )

We then wandered into a bar I could not resist simply for the fact there were lightening bolts on the door )

Finally, we finished off back at the Essex with the nationals who got us in for free. We danced and drank and laughed and it felt GREAT.

JD and I then came back to my place, listened to some mellower music (Tame Impala and Au Revoire Simone) and caught up on life. He lives in LA and I get to see him so rarely. He left around 4am and I slept well. :)

On Sunday [ profile] drfardook and I met up with [ profile] vraidaae, [ profile] erratic0101 and a few others for some HP COSplay in Central Park )

Then [ profile] drfardook and I were off for vegetarian dim sum and a bit of shopping (tea! sweets!). Finally, I tore myself away from him to fly over to the DWNY meet where the Podshock guys jovially took the piss out of me (don't worry, I gave as good as I got); plus [ profile] tennis_bear and I chatted about life and love and pr0nny fanfic. I couldn't have asked for a better day after such a wonderful new years.

How was yours, my darling flistees?
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As I said to [ profile] jigglykat who just posted about this:


That is all.
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Well it seems life has happened, and that has steered me away from my Gallifrey picspamarama.

My memory is shot, y'all. I went to some panels but barely remember much about them. So instead I'll give some general impressions and post a few pics.

First of all, it was awesomeness personified to finally meet [ profile] prof_pangaea and Robert Smith? (of zombies and mathematical disease modelling fame) in person. Alas, the former is too handsome to appear on my LJ in pictures lest I break your monitor. The latter slipped away before I had the chance to photograph us together.

I also did a shameless fair amount of flirting with a couple of people and got to know the Podshock guys a bit better -- including James, who is painfully cute and bears a resemblance to a ginger-topped ex of mine from 12 or so years ago. (FYI - they recorded interviews with just about everyone there involved with DW, TW and SJA (at least 12, Ken told me) so be sure to check out their podcast in the coming weeks.

I picked up two copies of Chicks Dig Timelords for myself and a friend who I can still hear squeeing all the way in San Francisco; and Robert Smith? and I made a game of running around getting them autographed during LobbyCon. Of course I got [ profile] jigglykat's first - just to poke her a bit. ;-)

I made some new friends, got to see Katy Manning (Jo Grant) who is SUCH a ditsy blond but so much fun; and I saw Georgia Moffatt (the Doctor's daughter both literally and via script) who is tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinyyyyyyyyyy. How she managed to bear ignoring the giant elephant in the room (what's it like to be with Tennant?!?!) I don't know, but she was peppy and humble and when she speaks she sounds just like her father (Peter Davison).

Gallifrey is for COSplay, I tell you. There were so many 10's you couldn't swing a sonic screwdriver without hitting one (or five). I can see now why [ profile] brewsternorth and others steered me away from that. Apparently one of them was [ profile] ladymerri who I didn't know was there until after the fact. D'oh!

Excepting one small thing that was out of my hands entirely, the weekend was entirely drama-free for me (unlike others' stories I've heard and read). And I managed to evade the con crud it seems everyone else I know picked up. So, all in all a much-needed holiday was had.

As for my own COSplaying, I received a surprising amount of attention for my Rose costume; enjoyed some mischievous fun over the fact that people didn't seem to realize my wigs were wigs (dawn of recognition became a game for me); and had half a dozen guys ask if I was advertising myself as a sub for wearing the dog collar on Sunday for my Master costume. Billy from Podshock actually thought I was "being punk" :eyeroll: I even had a rubber cheeseburger and rubber chicken, y'all!!!! Only others in EoT Master costumes seemed to "get it" and among them I was the only one to wear the dog collar. Not many pics of me, though. :-(

Speaking of pics, here you go with the picspamarama. I didn't take that many photos as I kept forgetting, but if you go to Flickr and search for Gallifrey 2010 or Gallifrey 21 you'll find loads.


Abandon bandwidth, ye all who clicketh here )

As the farmer said to Babe the pig, that'll do!


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