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I posted this to LJ, and them remembered the folks over here. So here ya go.



A revamping of Hermione's wig



Hint: The Master (Delgado) was a bit flirtatious with her at one point.
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I am alive, and almost well and have photos to upload. I met some amazing COSplayers, got to catch up with some old friends and make new ones, spent the day as Waris Hussein's lady in waiting (he was the super surprise guest of my dear friends in Podshock), and generally got away from the computer and from everyday life. Though I did go waaaay over my text message allowance (220/200 with 21 days left to my billing cycle) and forced my account to unlimited this afternoon. LOL

Alas, I also came down with a cold that I think was set in motion days before flying. :( So today instead of unpacking and posting pics, I slept and ate comfort food. Tomorrow work, unpacking, snuggling under a blanket with a certain someone and maybe rewatching An Unearthly Child. But I promise, I will post photos. There were so many great COSplayers and I know you want to see them all. But for now I leave you with three of me that were uploaded by others to FB. I give you Queen Victoria, and her nighttime counterpart Burlesque Victoria (alas, it was too cold to take her out for a grander spin). Middle photo courtesy of [ profile] fiendish_thingy and last photo thanks to my friend JD )

Oh, and before I pass out again I just have to say - [ profile] elrina753 is the best DW con suite mate evar. ILU BABE!
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Well, 2011 is off to quite a start. Sorry it's taken me so long to post. Alas, my friends had cameras and I did not and they STILL have not come forth with photos. So the few I did manage to take with my iPhone have been light and exposure adjusted and you can aaaalmost make us out.

Since last year worked out so well, I went back to Alias restaurant again this year and it was LOADS OF FUN. The owner made funny hats for everyone and genuinely hand-picked them to suit individuals with amazing accuracy! [ profile] pov_power was there, and so was [ profile] soulsister101, and a string of others who are sadly LJ-less.

We toasted at midnight and there were hugs and kisses(!) and the DJ played "What's So Funny About Peace Love and Understanding" by Elvis Costello. At first I was a bit "Whuuuh?" because last year they played Lady GaGa and we all started dancing like maniacs. But then I decided this was an incredible sentiment and hopefully a good omen.

Here are some pics of the party-goers with goofy hats (I mean it when I say these pics are murky at best )

After dinner, most of the party left. But my dear dear friend JD and I did some party-hopping. Walking down Rivington St. we ran into some Australians and other nationals (including one guy born in Israel, raised in Edinburgh who now lives in London) standing outside of Essex who were super fun. They had an extra wristband for their party (they paid $150 for open bar!!!) so we got in for free and got free drinks. I tipped heavily.

Then JD and I decided to bar-hop. We walked in and out of a lot of places I never hang go to. It made me feel like I was getting to know another side of my neighborhood. Walking through doors to find cavernous entrances beyond storefront facades, I felt like it was something out of a dreamscape. We also said goodbye to the LES standard Max Fish, which is slated to close soon. You can see us a bit better in these photos )

We then wandered into a bar I could not resist simply for the fact there were lightening bolts on the door )

Finally, we finished off back at the Essex with the nationals who got us in for free. We danced and drank and laughed and it felt GREAT.

JD and I then came back to my place, listened to some mellower music (Tame Impala and Au Revoire Simone) and caught up on life. He lives in LA and I get to see him so rarely. He left around 4am and I slept well. :)

On Sunday [ profile] drfardook and I met up with [ profile] vraidaae, [ profile] erratic0101 and a few others for some HP COSplay in Central Park )

Then [ profile] drfardook and I were off for vegetarian dim sum and a bit of shopping (tea! sweets!). Finally, I tore myself away from him to fly over to the DWNY meet where the Podshock guys jovially took the piss out of me (don't worry, I gave as good as I got); plus [ profile] tennis_bear and I chatted about life and love and pr0nny fanfic. I couldn't have asked for a better day after such a wonderful new years.

How was yours, my darling flistees?
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So yes, last night I went to see Deathly Hallows Part 1. And I have some thoughts. I am suffering a time hangover today, however, so I probably won't be as articulate as I could be.

First of all, the major draw for me to go was the fandom aspect. I'm finding any excuse to put on a Hogwarts robe and act silly with other people to be rewarding in and of itself. The fact that the HP-NYC people are all so enthusiastic, fun-loving, and entertaining just amps that up.

I also got to run around with a tape recorder and ask people questions. We'll see what/if any of it winds up in [ profile] snapecast, but it was a convenient excuse to talk to strangers. Plus, I ran into someone from the HP Lexicon Forum (my first foray into HP fandom) who was but a young teenager at the time and now he's a grown adult! So this was sort of sweet.

Anyway, Deathly Hallows was not my favorite book. Truth be told, I only read it the once and have not gone back. So there was loads I'd forgotten. There were parts I did like, however, and most of them were in the first half of the book. I loved the angsty, suspenseful wind-up as Voldemort truly came into his own. I loved the chapter when Harry and Hermione visit Godric's Hollow because the scene with Nagini in a Bathilda Bagshot suit was right out of a horror film as it played in my mind's eye. The camping, well, not so much. But Malfoy Manor. And Luna's room. And Dudley thanking Harry. And Snape impersonating the Lady of the Lake. These were touches that stuck with me. It's just that the second half of the book was Titanic-like. Which means if I was going to like either of the DH films, the likelihood would be the first one. And even though the films have not had the best track record, it kinda didn't matter. I was going to be among fans and get swept up in the moment. And I did! And it was fun. Oh, and my students totally asked me if I was wearing a "Harry Potter tie" in class, which lead to an amusing conversation about leisure time and having a work/life balance.

So, right, the film. It was, dare I say it . . . good! Visually, it was stunning. The animation during the Deathly Hallows storytelling was breathtaking. The mountain/camping scenes featured some gorgeous scenery. The pacing was good. Many important story points were hit. I actually enjoyed myself. Of course, I am also the only person I know who didn't rage at HBP. But experience has taught me not to get too hung up on film expectations matching the book too closely. A lot rolls off my back, frankly. I choose no to get worked up, as life is too short for me to garner genuine rage over a movie.

But in a more detailed fashion? Here are some pro/con points )

So there you have it. Some listy semblance of a critique. I was glad not to have reread the book as there were bits I'd forgotten. I do plan to see it again with a friend to see if my impressions change upon second viewing. But nothing can quite replace the celebratory atmosphere of a good line party. So even if the film had turned out to be utter shite, it would've been worth it just for the party.

And of course, it didn't hurt that I was in high spirits, revved up from having Noel Fielding and Phill Jupitus say my name and discuss my question on the Buzzcocks QT
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Tonight is the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I'll be going with hp-nyc (aka TGTSNBN) and will see [ profile] vraidaae, [ profile] macbeemer and [ profile] erratic0101 among others there. [ profile] pomona513 and I will be dressing up in our Hogwarts uniforms and making a slumber party of it (she's crashing at Hogwarts on the Hudson). Actually, I am already dressed up. I've got on grey slacks, a white shirt, my slytherin tie and slytherin jumper. It's just the robe that I've packed for later, hauling it and [ profile] pomona513's uniform in a bag all day. I had a meeting with the city this morning and I teach this evening. So it's kinda fun to wear this stuff to work all day. Plus, my staff always make positive remarks when I wear a tie. I should really wear one more often.

The HP alliance has organized a flash mob, forming at Columbus Circle at 7:30pm, then we'll parade up Broadway to the cinema. Word has it there will be several local news stations there as well.

So, who else among my flistees is going to the premiere tonight, and what are your plans?
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As previously mentioned, I attended the Merchant House Museum Victorian Funeral reenactment of Seabury Treadwell on 24 October. It was a truly fantastic event.

The museum itself is a 19th century townhouse that once belonged to Seabury Treadwell and family. It has been restored and furnished from the period, and contains portraits of the original inhabitants.

The funeral began in the sitting room, where my friend [ profile] vraidaae sat in mourning (she works for the museum). Another woman dressed in period wear gave a lecture and then there was a sermon.

The lecture was on medicine, palliative care, views of death and funeral customs of the time. It is, dear readers, a miracle any of us are here at all based on what I learned. For example, the windows and mirrors that were draped in crepe were often soaked first in arsenic to keep the fabric stiff. Small doses of other poisons were also frequently used in medicine. I was aware of this already (for example, lead was used to sweeten wine since the middle ages, and mercury could be found in white foundation makeup). What made this lecture interesting, however, was the notion of palliative care. Since there was little knowledge at the time regarding medicine for treatment, much was accomplished to keep people comfortable while dying. Not for poor Mr. Treadwell, however. It seems there was a tradition within his particular observation of faith (I think he was Episcopalian) of "being ready for G-d" which meant avoiding any sort of induced delirium so that one could pray every day in preparation for meeting one's maker. There was, in fact, a general sentiment at this time of having a constant awareness of death. Considering the high infant mortality rate and high rates of death during childbirth, Death truly was a constant companion. The lecture was at once informative, sobering and deliciously gothic.

After the lecture and service, we walked in a procession to the NYC Marble Cemetery. Pallbearers were solicited from the audience to carry the (empty) wooden casket. It was great fun walking through the streets of NY as onlookers with quizzical faces stared. A few asked what was going on. I walked behind the widow pretending to be her sister and asked people if they knew the deceased. Alas, only one person played along. But [ profile] vraidaae told me later she had to work hard to keep from laughing and playing with me as she was in fact working the event and not just along for the fun of it.

Another service was held at the cemetery and then we sang a hymn (Nearer my G-d to Thee). Then we were treated to a lecture about burial history and specifics about that cemetery. I've been aching to enter that space for many years now, as it's generally closed to the public. So it was a real treat to walk on the grass and simply be in the space of so much history.

Now, I've been trying to get to this event for several years. So it's quite a miracle that the first time I manage to attend, I wind up in the Style Section of the NY Times. Perhaps it was fate?

In any event, here are some photographs of the day. I took the interior shots with my iPhone using a program called HDR that allows you to make good use of limited lighting. Special thanks to [ profile] drfardook (whose photos are all B&W) and Ms. Mary Alice for sharing their fine photography of the event.

LARGE picture warning - your bandwidth may need palliative care after this.

Without further adieu, the picspam of Death awaits )

In addition to the service, the entire house was decked out in funeral attire. In the upstairs master bedroom they had an exhibit that included the scent of rosemary and flowers typical for use in death at the time, as well as the sound of dripping water as bodies were often placed on ice until burial.

There was a display of photos from the time, including one cabinet of the funerals of children. A sign asked that no photos be taken of the deceased children and mourners. But there was no such request for these family shots of the (then) living, on display in another room. It struck me that the open casket pictures of babies and toddlers in the other cabinet would be the last time parents and siblings would ever see the children again. Considering how novel photography must have been at the time, I was deeply moved imagining this impact. It also gave to my mind an explanation as we don't tend to take pictures at funerals today. And especially not close up shots of dead babies. I wonder if mothers gazed upon them fantasizing their child was just asleep.

The house contains four floors - these are from the second floor )
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So apparently this weekend marks the 15th anniversary of the first airing of Xena: Warrior Princess.

Xena was my very first fandom, and a part of me still "lives" there. I made friends and acquaintances and one of them is even on my flist now, though we don't interact much these days. Those two got me through my Masters program. I read my first fanfics in Xena, went to my first con in Xena, and even did my first COSplay in Xena. I regularly went to Xena Night at Meow Mix (the bar no longer exists), and marched in the Pride Parade two years in a row with the Marching Xenas. Subtext was IT, and eventually became maintext, and back in the late 90s it was a REALLY HUGE DEAL.

Here I am as Gabrielle back in 1997, for a con in Pasadena CA )

I rewatched the very first episode (Sins of the Past) this weekend and let's face it. You really can't beat a show that starts out with a sidekick spouting lines like "She'd (Xena) never let a man get close enough to do her" and "I'm not the little girl that my parents wanted me to be."

So, happy birthday Xena!
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So it looks like I won't be able to upload and sort my photos from the con until Sunday, as I have a dinner guest tonight and plans Friday night and Saturday. Most of my pics are not that different from everyone else's, though I did find a few hidden Snapely/potions treasures at Hogsmeade up my sleeve.

But while looking over pics today and yesterday, and chatting with [ profile] mysduende about all the COSplaying, I recalled something I told her jokingly when I went to Portus two years ago - that it was filled with fat girls in short skirts (aka "my people"). And looking at the pics from this year, I am struck by just how much of a queer space is embodied by the HP con.

It's not Queer with a capital Q. Not political, not intellectual, not in-your-face making a point to change the world or shift your paradigm (which I'm all about too). Rather, it's instinctual, inner life come to life. This universal feeling of how hard it is to reenter the muggle world strikes at the core of a kind of identity all its own. That we have people who cross gender lines in COSplay, who use COSplay as a way to explore all manner of inner life, or tailoring and makeup skills, or because the wig just looked right, that some people COSplay specific characters who call to them, and others simply wear their own version of "how I'd look if I were wizarding" in this shared fantasy space is something I find profoundly moving and affirming. I love that nobody is made to feel out of place because of age or weight or race or physical ability (at least not that I witnessed or heard).

That a simple house color tie or sweater sends a message understood by all in attendance is unfathomable to my coworkers. I don't even bother discussing it with my family. So it's this powerful form of community, the likes of which JKR could never envision - because it barely has anything to do with her - and it once again strikes me as queer in the most positive way imaginable.

I can tell you that I got chills when I heard [ profile] logospilgrim's talk about Harry "finding" Snape's eyes (and btw she knows how to rock a 3-piece suit). I nodded in recognition, familiarity, almost like family, when [ profile] droxy, [ profile] stitch_witch, [ profile] alabastard and [ profile] alabastardragon gave their talk. And being the attention whore natural teacher/group facilitator that I am, it was no work at all to get people to share ideas about their problems with the HP films at our [ profile] snapecast presentation. (And yes, there is an Infinitus/Park episode in the works!).

Witnessing the creativity of the community also fills me with glee. There were women dressed in Victorian versions of house uniforms! I bought a pair of earrings shaped like brooms. What's not to love?

It's true, I am exhausted. I learned more about my physical limitations on this trip than I care to admit (eyes the yoga mat and exercycle collecting dust). I hadn't realized until I didn't feel well just how much my CSA has reshaped my relationship to processed and bad food (I seem to now have a lower tolerance for highly salted foods, for one). But this is the topic for another entry.

So I guess I want to say welcome back to old friends and new, and that it's an extraordinary feeling to find one's own. While I enjoyed Gallifrey a few months back, I recall mentioning to [ profile] rm that I don't have a "position in the fandom" like I do in HP. But now I realize it's more than just that. Sure, it's gratifying to have people ask me "Are you Gina R Snape?" because we've crossed paths online. But it's not just that. I love DW, but I can't escape the feeling that I'm a guest trying to catch up and remember everyone's names. In HP, it feels like home, even if I'm standing next to someone I've never seen in my life. Is it any wonder I got a little choked up standing in the fake Hogsmeade for the first time? Sure, you have to ignore the mass merchandising, suspend disbelief, ignore the shoving crowds, squint a little bit. But sometimes, even an approximation of the "real thing" can be the real thing if you make it so in your mind. And that goes for the park, for the con, and I daresay everyday life where many many many things feel more like an approximation of real life than real life.

Yeah, ok, so I'm a bit of an optimist today. Don't crucio me! :)
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So today I went to my friend SY's house to put final touches on some outfits. We took a bunch of pics that were largely too blurry to post. But here's a sneak peak of Widow Snape )

ETA: In this one, my friend added a mourning veil to the hat )

Also, last night I got the Bedazzler (thanks to [ profile] macbeemer's suggestion) and put it to use for my Hermione outfit. Take note, [ profile] droxy . . .  )
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Well it seems life has happened, and that has steered me away from my Gallifrey picspamarama.

My memory is shot, y'all. I went to some panels but barely remember much about them. So instead I'll give some general impressions and post a few pics.

First of all, it was awesomeness personified to finally meet [ profile] prof_pangaea and Robert Smith? (of zombies and mathematical disease modelling fame) in person. Alas, the former is too handsome to appear on my LJ in pictures lest I break your monitor. The latter slipped away before I had the chance to photograph us together.

I also did a shameless fair amount of flirting with a couple of people and got to know the Podshock guys a bit better -- including James, who is painfully cute and bears a resemblance to a ginger-topped ex of mine from 12 or so years ago. (FYI - they recorded interviews with just about everyone there involved with DW, TW and SJA (at least 12, Ken told me) so be sure to check out their podcast in the coming weeks.

I picked up two copies of Chicks Dig Timelords for myself and a friend who I can still hear squeeing all the way in San Francisco; and Robert Smith? and I made a game of running around getting them autographed during LobbyCon. Of course I got [ profile] jigglykat's first - just to poke her a bit. ;-)

I made some new friends, got to see Katy Manning (Jo Grant) who is SUCH a ditsy blond but so much fun; and I saw Georgia Moffatt (the Doctor's daughter both literally and via script) who is tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinyyyyyyyyyy. How she managed to bear ignoring the giant elephant in the room (what's it like to be with Tennant?!?!) I don't know, but she was peppy and humble and when she speaks she sounds just like her father (Peter Davison).

Gallifrey is for COSplay, I tell you. There were so many 10's you couldn't swing a sonic screwdriver without hitting one (or five). I can see now why [ profile] brewsternorth and others steered me away from that. Apparently one of them was [ profile] ladymerri who I didn't know was there until after the fact. D'oh!

Excepting one small thing that was out of my hands entirely, the weekend was entirely drama-free for me (unlike others' stories I've heard and read). And I managed to evade the con crud it seems everyone else I know picked up. So, all in all a much-needed holiday was had.

As for my own COSplaying, I received a surprising amount of attention for my Rose costume; enjoyed some mischievous fun over the fact that people didn't seem to realize my wigs were wigs (dawn of recognition became a game for me); and had half a dozen guys ask if I was advertising myself as a sub for wearing the dog collar on Sunday for my Master costume. Billy from Podshock actually thought I was "being punk" :eyeroll: I even had a rubber cheeseburger and rubber chicken, y'all!!!! Only others in EoT Master costumes seemed to "get it" and among them I was the only one to wear the dog collar. Not many pics of me, though. :-(

Speaking of pics, here you go with the picspamarama. I didn't take that many photos as I kept forgetting, but if you go to Flickr and search for Gallifrey 2010 or Gallifrey 21 you'll find loads.


Abandon bandwidth, ye all who clicketh here )

As the farmer said to Babe the pig, that'll do!
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Man, I had a coffee and and iced tea today and I still feel like I'm in a fog.

Awhile ago [ profile] alabastard recommended I seek out a group called The Group That Shall Not Be Named(TGTSNBN for short) and last night I had a free night and finally took him up on the suggestion. Lo and behold, there were people there who I knew. Not well, but still, small world. And there was a [ profile] snapecast listener there! Yay.

I've clearly lost my HP-canon memory because I referred to someone's Hedwig as a 'he' not a 'she' and was quickly corrected. Srsly, I completely forgot Hedwig was a girl. I should bring [ profile] snarky_the_owl next time.

And because I wanted to represent my house for a first meet, I dressed up a little bit, by wearing my Slytherin tie, the potion bottle earrings [ profile] pennswoods made for me and the awesome long coat dress that [ profile] lookfar gave me that I wear as a frock coat. People said I looked like Draco, which was amusing. But I think it's just because I have short blond hair nowadays. I don't think I would make a good Draco at all. But if I did, it was entirely unintentional.

But here's one the pics someone took of me for your amusement )

Now, there's a kind of meme going around on FB where people post user pictures of people others have said look like them. I didn't do it, but I was once mistaken for Chloƫ Sevigny at the Time Out NY premiere party (I had a friend who was on the staff when it was first published here in NYC many years ago). Today on ONTD there was a Chloƫ picspam and I swear to you this picture is the spitting image of me at age 7 or 8. Same nose, same chin, same eyes. I even had a Dorothy Hamill haircut at the time.

This pic is freaking me out a little, honestly )

Finally, on Wednesday, I went to the Apple Store in SoHo because I've been having problems with my iPhone and finally lost my patience. After much testing, they swapped it out for a new one. But while I was there, I got to see Sarah Silverman who happened to be schedule there doing a promo for her show. I like her stuff, but I've never been a major fan. But OMG do I love her as a person now. She's sharp and engaging and passionate about things that matter and yet at the same time can be silly and goofy and willing to put aside all sense of dignity for the sake of humor (something I've heard Stephen Colbert repeatedly point out as requisite for the profession). It's difficult for women to excel in comedy as there's a lot of sexism both within comedy and directed at women by the larger public - especially around the pressure to be pretty or else making cheap shot targets of women because of their appearance. Watching her on Wednesday, I walked away with a greater good feeling about her and her success.

This weekend and next week are shaping up to be busy. So I better get my sleep in tonight.

How are you, flist?
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So I'm inching ever closer to the possibility of going to Gallifrey. And if I do, I want to COSplay. But who?

I've half a mind to buy a brown pinstripe suit and make it do double duty - go as the 10th Doctor one day, and Donna the next. Just change my hair, swap out a scoop necked shirt for a button shirt and tie (for the most part). But where to look for one? I suppose I could check out Macy's and Burlington Coat Factory. After all, a decent brown pinstripe suit would also serve me professionally.

Should I do it? Or should I COSplay someone else?

I was also going to bring you a video from the subway today, but it seems I didn't fully record what I'd meant to. :-( On the F train going home a group of teenage boys were doing some breakdancing/acrobatics and I was so impressed with their skills that I actually gave them $1. I never do that.

And I'm beginning to think about Infinitus too. I might COSplay a character and not just be Gina R Snape, slytherin. But again, who? Snape seems like too much effort and there are so many good, dedicated Snapes out there already. I would be Hermione except I can't bear the idea of putting on a Gryffindor outfit (no offense Gryffindor flisters, that's just how I roll). Maybe Tonks? Luna? Oh well, there's plenty time enough for that.

Now I'm going to settle in with my books and listen to the rain while I wait for my nose to stop running. How's your day, flist?


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