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Wish us luck with the govt beasties!

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Jan. 13th, 2011 05:20 pm
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Thanks for all the lovely well wishes!

I am in Tampa and it's freeeeeezing. So much for getting away to someplace warm. I don't think it will go above 45F while I'm here.

I've met a couple of nice people and met one doctoral student whose interests overlap with mine. And apparently there is a Cheesecake Factory near my hotel so that might be my Saturday night entertainment.

It is strange staying at an off-site hotel. I feel vaguely homeless in between sessions. But the pub has veggie burgers so I will manage. And anyway they had out free coffee and tea all morning!

I can't say I've learned anything yet. But with three more days to go I am hopeful. I have taken some notes on my variables so clearly I'm stimulating something deep in the recesses of my brain.

Well, that must be a terribly mundane entry. Tell me what is exciting in LJ-land'

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I am knackered from the weekend and will post about it soon. But right now I draw your attention to the Sunday styles section of the New York Times.

Why, you ask? Kindly gaze upon picture #5, if you will. See if you can find the Widow Snape.

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Waiting for things to begin at Night of a Thousand Wizards!


Jul. 15th, 2010 11:15 am
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And I'm on my broom, off to Diagon Alley Orlando!

Play nice while I'm gone, kids.

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Jul. 9th, 2010 10:57 am
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Well I decided to stay home and rest today. So far daytime tv is horrible. I plan to read and clean a bit and not much else.

Not long ago I mentioned having problems with a basil plant. This was it's state at the start of it's decline )

Well, as the branches collapsed I decided to cut them off. I took [ profile] b_vainamoinen's advice and put it where it would get the most sunlight--on my fire escape. I've been watering it once a day and the remaining stalks look much better )

I haven't decided yet how much longer I'll keep up the effort as I fear I may become too maternal to be willing to eat it. (I know, I'm weird). But I feel good about having turned it around. It was a mini challenge for me!

Of course, [ profile] pumagrrl's St Basil probably helped too. :-)

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Am here with [ profile] soulsister101. for the Q&A after Journey of the Childmen. They were funny and cute and Noel is so little! (He did a double-take of my boots, btw)

More to come!

ETA: Pic of the event and you can mostly make out me and [ profile] soulsister101 in the front row at the end (photo courtesy of the Y Tribeca via flickr)

ETA: Ok, I'm at home now feverishly uploading. The documentary was very enjoyable. Sweet and endearing, actually. It more or less chronicles their Future Sailors tour, from the start where they are rehearsing lines before the first show, through to middle where they are getting exhausted and numb from the relentlessness of it, to the end where Noel actually cries when it's over. So sweet.

Wembley stadium is frickin' HUGE from the perspective of the stage, y'all. The funniest part IMO was one point during a show where Noel has his leg up on a front speaker and some audience members are tugging at his leg. Lovingly caressing, even. He's eating up the attention and the stage manager (who looks as big as Robbie Coltrane as Hagrid) tugs the back of his trousers to pull him back. Noel then leans forward again for some fans to pet him and he stage dives! The stage manager (whose reach is seriously super-human and who was clearly annoyed by the shenanigans) reaches into the audience and with one hand literally pulls him back on stage by the seat of his pants. The whole scene lasted at least a full two minutes, I'd swear. SO funny. Rich Fulcher is a maniac, but the guys seem to take his mania in stride when he starts to lose it. Dave (Bollo) seems quiet, but nice. And Julian appears bemused by the whole thing, but struck me as a nervous type.

I love when documentaries show the downtime, and there was no shortage of that. Noel falls asleep on the floor backstage at one point, wearing his gold boots and a Nanageddon dress. The guys are bemused by the fans taking their picture/attacking their car when they leave an event "It's like being an animal at the zoo". There was plenty of bantering while on the highway, making fun of things. And plenty of scenes of hysterical adolescent fans, such that the resemblance to a rock band on tour is eerily similar. They seem naturally funny all the time, even when exhausted. Noel and Julian certainly weren't hurting for laughs just chatting with the audience tonight.

Noel is much more petite than I thought - both in height and body frame. This was a pleasant surprise. He must be about 5'6 or 5'7. He bought new boots. I was sorry to see he was drinking again (he joked that someone told him Pabst Blue Ribbon is "hipster beer" but liked that the can matched his shoes). They bantered a bit, but mostly answered audience questions. The screening room at the 92nd St. Y Tribeca holds about 70 people, so it was quite an intimate affair. [ profile] soulsister101 and I sat right in the front row. Yay us!

Anyway, here are the rest of the videos. I only took snippets as I didn't want my whole experience to be had behind a view screen. Know what I mean?

Well, enjoy! Noel's new "girlfriend" is bugging him )

The director talks about his film )

They talk about the upcoming album )

Who are your influences )

Noel praises the director )


Apr. 1st, 2010 11:16 am
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I'm sitting in a meeting with the city, but my thoughts are squarely elsewhere.

My dinner menu was a great success but I am burdened with leftover chocolate covered pretzels that sang to me when I popped into Whole Foods.

I know, it's terrible.

This weekend I will be sooooo busy. I have two guests in town, need to do my taxes, and have to get started on a lit review. Because elfin magic also includes providing information about a possible research grant! What a pleasure it is to be able to relate on many levels.

Anyway, I should probably pay some attention to this meeting.

A very happy Thursday, indeed.

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Well, I'm off to the airport, kids. Play nice while I'm away!

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Sitting in the Starbucks
Drinking mocha latte
There sure is a long
Line for the potty.

So I've got half an hour to kill before I meet [ profile] tennisbear and go to a party. I had this idea that I might be able to branch out from the Chucks with a low stacked heel Chelsea boot but all the ones I saw had high arch support so I don't know how that might work with my orthodics.

I had a terrific class today covering some basic concepts with my students. Any day I get to show a Jon Stewart clip is a good class. But one of my repeat students was jokingly ejected from the TARDIS when she couldn't fulfill my assistant needs (I asked her to set up a DVD while I made copies). So two geek references in one day! When she remarked that I seemed bouncy I aaaalmost started singing Bouncy Castle, but stopped myself.

Anyway, we covered a lot of vocabulary and basic LGBT concepts and the intersevtion of misogeny and heterosexism and cissexism and they left excited, with their heads spinning in a good way. Several were more or less bursting to make comments as they walked out the door. I am feeling optimistic.

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Grading papers at the Whole Foods cafe

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8/27 and the night is young.

Calliope decided to "help" me.

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One of the things I love about that little Italian cafe I frequent is this heavenly cookie with the surprise center. Something prompted me to treat myself today, to this little chocolate-centered source of love. It's beautiful, no?

Picture beneath cut )

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Sep. 26th, 2009 02:28 pm
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Am at the salon for s touch up. Ketel one, cranberry juice and peroxide seems like the perfect combination for a Saturday afternoon )

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This caught my eye not moments after I finished discussing with someone the ridiculous cost of rent in NYC.

When I was 25 in 1994 I worked two jobs and had a cozy 2-room studio on St Marks for $745/month. It was A stretch for me. Now I think if I were doing it all over today my ability to live alone in Manhattan would not exist. I can afford it now because I have lived in my flat for 14 years and there are laws to protect tenants.

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Grading papers in my favorite cafe in the East Village. No Jay, but I liked the feel of sitting there. Loads of interesting people walked by, but of course they all disappeared when my camera was at the ready.

click for pic )


Sep. 14th, 2009 10:05 pm
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Showed up for DWNY late and everyone had gone. :pouts:

Was a good time had, flisters in attendance?

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Grey skies greet the day.
Cuddling kitties make it hard
to get out of bed.

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The weather today has been insanely humid. I have the Jew-fro to end them all. Thank Merlin for hair bands 'zall I'm sayin'

Anyway, I opted to have a Pinkberry before therapy and I realized I will always associate that food with the Great cocoa/fruity pebbles debate. (I opted for srawberries and blackberries today).

Now I sit and wait. Looking foreward to the possibility of doing a role play this weekend with [ profile] bitsyrant's friends. I have made up my own character and everything.

Happy Friday, flist!

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Jul. 15th, 2009 05:09 pm
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Am at the doctors office and grateful for a/c. It"s brutal out there and boobsweat season is definitely here. [ profile] bitsyfest and I got home soooooo late I was a zombie all day and still am. Red bull gave me clipped wings, y"all. Can't wait to hear how bad my bloodwork looks. Good times.

I promise to post my HP pov but am thinking to watch it again as I missed a few things.

Can't wait to hear others too.

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