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And just like that, summer is here. It's nearing the end of May and I've already had cause for turning on the A/C. The clock is ticking on me getting dissertation writing done (I plan to send something in to my committee in July). And I haven't even posted the pictures I took at the Pride Parade nearly a year ago. :shameface: I've been totally exhausted lately. I'm sure it's work-related and just caught up to me. But now I've fallen into a pattern where I don't sleep well at night, wake up tired, come home and nap after work, and don't sleep well again. Here's hoping the 3-day bank holiday weekend helps fix that.

On the plus side, T-Rex and I are coming up on our first anniversary! And I've joined another CSA. I've given up on the last one. I found them just too disorganized and it was a struggle to pick up the produce by 6pm. So this year I joined the Stanton Street CSA. They held a little "welcome orientation" last weekend and I got to meet the farmer. He was a lovely, soft-spoken fellow who talked about his farming, philosophy and commitment to supporting area agriculture and good labor practices. And he gave us a sense of what to expect, which was quite helpful. I got to meet the home organizers and some of the members and everyone seems super nice. I also have a share partner, who I have not met yet. (She posted on a board looking for someone). But we have emailed and spoken on the phone.

Pickups are Thursdays, so at least I can prep/store/cook at the weekend.

I leave you with this picture. T-Rex and went for a walk after dinner earlier this week and stopped for dessert at a place called Dessert Club. I got a green tea shaved ice and boy was this more than I expected!

And yes, I am totally omitting the story about how I was feeling too ill and tired this weekend to go out so T-Rex went to the Waystation with some other Whovians and wound up meeting Matt Smith and Steven Moffat there.
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For those of you who work or live in NYC:

CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) are a great way to get fresh organic produce into your diet and support local farmers.

Just Food has hooked up a number of CSAs in the city with the food stamp program through the Just Food/Wholesome Wave CSA Share Subsidy Program to make local food available to low income families.

If you are interested, or know anyone who might qualify, they can contact Program Manager Paula Lukats at paula at justfood dot org or ring her on 212-645-9880 x233.

The deadline to apply is March 21st.

For those who are interested in CSAs just in general, you can also access the Just Food website to locate a CSA near you, by zipcode.

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So I called out sick today. It's not the snow. I just woke up with, shall we say, certain pains that made me not want to put on real clothes and deal with the public. So after a nice long hot shower I am spending the day in sweats and fuzzy socks.

I plan to get some reading done, and maybe set myself some writing deadlines.

I've got plans this weekend to attack my home office again and this time REALLY make a dent. When MA came over the other night she said something interesting to me. I'll paraphrase. She hired someone to help her reorganize her workspace because she felt like putting it off was tantamount to telling the universe she wasn't ready to move on to a new phase in her life. This was just after she'd been laid off from her job, so it was an excellent time to tackle such a project. So I feel like, with the new year, now is a good time to make a genuine difference in my home work space.

Plus, I'll be getting some help this weekend from [ profile] drfardook who has been promised homemade multigrain bread. There may also be some cheese and marmite involved. And fruit salad of the kiwi, mango, strawberry variety. I am on the fence about grapes or pineapple.

There will be massive amounts of throwing things away. Of pruning and possibly posting online of books for sale. There might even be some moving of furniture, but that's more of a maybe whereas the purging of papers is a definite. It's not something I can do alone, as I live in a 4th floor walk-up and it would take me a month to carry stuff down alone. Plus, I need someone to push me so I don't just faff about moving piles from one spot to another and pretending it's an actual accomplishment.

When MA came over Tuesday night, she brought two books for me to borrow and/or keep. One of them is entitled Culinary Tea: More Than 150 Recipes Steeped in Tradition from Around the World. I found a recipe that might make good use of the napa cabbage we got in my winter CSA. Is anyone on my flist practised in the art of dumpling making? [ profile] ladyaelfwynn or [ profile] sketchybrunette perhaps? I am thinking of substituting soy beef for the pork and trying my hand at this recipe. Here are the ingredients:

Jasmine Dumplings


3/4 pound/340g napa cabbage, shredded
2 1/4 tsp kosher salt, divided
2 T coarsely ground loose-leaf jasmine tea leaves
1 bunch scallions
1 tsp finely chopped fresh ginger
3 garlic cloves, finely chopped
2 T soy sauce
2 tsp toasted sesame oil
1 lb/455g ground pork
60 wonton wrappers

Jasmine Dipping Sauce
1c/240ml steaming water
1 T loose-leaf jasmine tea leaves
2 T soy sauce
2 T rice vinegar
1 dash toasted sesame oil (with hot chile if desired)
1 clove garlic, finely chopped
1/2 tsp finely chopped fresh ginger

cabbage leaves, jasmine tea and water for steaming the dumplings

Le Sigh

Jan. 18th, 2011 11:17 pm
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Greetings f-list. Why yes, I am still alive. I've just been cocooned in pleasant company and pleasant pursuits for a few days.

The conference was wonderful and inspiring. I am very very pleased to have gone.

On the flight back I sat next to a junior faculty member (TM) from my Uni who extended herself during the con and she advised me about the qualitative portion of my dissertation. We also chatted about academia, family (she and her partner are raising their baby vegan, she keeps joking that it's the closest thing to immaculate conception she can think of since her partner is the one who gave birth), and her undying love for Angelina Jolie. LOL I told her about Doctor Who. We talked about playing music (she used to be a musician and I used to play guitar). And generally just enjoyed each others company. She even gave me a lift back into Manhattan!

Upon my return, I spent some time with [ profile] drfardook and I think it's fair to say my taking him to Russ and Daughters followed by Economy Candy and the Essex Market were something of a LES culinary tour de force. Pity we didn't make it to Guss' Pickles or the Doughnut Factory. But hey, gotta leave something for another time right? At the very least, he got to pretend to be a NY Jew for a bit. And I see my brainwashing influence has taken root because he insisted on buying licorice bootlaces in homage to the Mighty Boosh. ^_^

Today ME of the Jew Crew came for dinner. We had savoury chickpea flour pancakes with onion, shallot, and sunchokes from my CSA (and parsley) with a side of sauteed cod and a carrot salad (also from my CSA) with a balsamic vinaigrette. Then her husband AJ and a mutual friend (KS) came over for tea. I brewed some Whittard's Afternoon Blend and got to use my tea set! She made almond macaroons and we used an egg from my CSA as well for that. And we had some halvah from Economy Candy and I also happened to bake a challah bread for tomorrow so we had some of that with nutella.

There was much chatting and smiling and purring (AJ purrs when he's content. No . . . really). And now that they've all gone home I'm sitting here online instead of cleaning up. I suspect the wine and the heat and the food have lulled me into a sense of contentment. But the truth is, this year has started off such that I am brimming with contentment. What is that about?

Tomorrow after work I intend to hack away at my office space a bit more and set myself a work schedule for my dissertation. And catch up on my f-list. So if there are any pertinent entries you'd like me to see, please do not hesitate to point them out!
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I am sooo busy, y'all. End of semester plus my boss on holiday is gonna be the end of me, I swear. But next week I have taken a week's holiday and though my time is filling up already, I'm allotting the lion's share of it towards dissertating.

Tonight is the first pickup for my winter CSA, which is a once-a-month affair. And unlike the one I did for the summer, this one is SO ORGANIZED! I received a newsletter that has both the list of items for this month's share AND recipes incorporating those items. We're getting:

Brussels sprouts
Greens (unspecified, I hope it's kale)
Winter Squash
Jerusalem Artichokes
Yellow Onions
and one "added value" item (probably pickled something or other)

Perhaps tonight I'll make [ profile] bluestocking79's Brussels sprouts recipe. Any suggestions for the Jerusalem Artichokes?
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I wrote a final post for my CSA blog. Recipes include:

* Garlic Vegetable Soup*
* Gooseberry Mini Pies*
* Cranberry Ginger & Lemon Chutney
* Butternut Squash Salad*
* Pears poached in port wine*
* Sour Cherry Sorbet

(starred items have pictures)

Click here to go to that blog post. But I've recreated the salient portions for my LJ flistees here in case you want to comment )
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Thank goodness for quiet mornings, because I have a stack of papers to grade. I figure if I can get at least seven done today, this will put me at a good pace for finishing them the rest of the week. So far no "gems" to share with you, but a few surprisingly enjoyable ones. Yay.

On Friday one of my students rang me for clarification about the next paper and we got onto the topic of music. It never ceases to amaze me that students put you in a bubble. This particular student missed a class because he had a gig (they are allowed to miss two). So I asked him about his band and this turned into a longish chat on musical influences. He said his band was psychedelic like Pink Floyd and I asked if he liked Tame Impapa, which he'd never heard of. He said people compare them to Mazzy Star. I said that's more like goth psychedelia - like some Cure. I suggested perhaps they were a mix between The Cure and Syd Barrett. He seemed pleased and impressed. He's going to bring me a demo tape of his band. I'm fairly certain he's never talked music with a professor before, so I'm not sure if he was surprised at my interest in music, or my interest in his band. Still, it was a nice way to relate.

After hanging up with him, I met up with [ profile] elrina753 and we went to an art show for the comic book Kill Shakespeare and missed Michael Moore joining the party by mere minutes. The show was cramped and fun. The artist and writers were great guys, very engaging and a little bit flirty. One of them (Anthony) thought I was either a musician or clothing designer based on my outfit, which amused and pleased me greatly. He kept asking about my fiction (I said writing was a creative outlet) and [ profile] elrina753 did her best to keep from laughing and screaming SHE WRITES FANFIC PORN. I told him about a short story I had published many years ago. Well, it wasn't a lie! The other writer (Connor) kept asking about our television and fandom interests, which only garnered more opportunity for potential facepalmage as the Prosecco flowed and the space became steadily more cramped. I swear, I felt a bit like they were trying to get us drunk and suck ideas out of us.

I can't say I regret not running into Michael Moore. Although I agree with some of his politics, I do not get the sense he is very pleasant company as he's quite in-your-face to just about everyone whether you're on his side or not.

At any rate, after several glasses of Prosecco and much jovial conversation, we made our way over to Tea & Sympathy for dinner and managed to also finish of a Banoffee Pie that we shared. Then she helped me back to my place with bags of goodies for our upcoming Booshfest with [ profile] soulsister101 next weekend. They also gave us bags of Walker crisps that were just at their expiry date. I've brought them into work. People seem to find them exotic and exciting, just because they are British. :grin:

Saturday night reminded me just how much I love the internet and the kindness equally obsessed nature of strangers in fandom because someone managed to record and upload the Mighty Boosh Band Zappa tribute performance. PM me if you want a download link.

Here is a clip from the show. "Hello Little Deer" comes from their early radio show and this performance includes Noel reading bits from Zappa's Old Bailey Obscenity Trial. I think Frank would've loved their tribute; it was definitely surreal.

Yesterday was all about cleaning and grading papers. And tonight I'm going to use up the rest of my CSA bounty by making a Japanese curry and a cranberry cake.

We have sleet today; it's chilly and windy. Daylight savings is here, and soon it will be winter. I can't believe it's November already.

How was your weekend, flist?
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First of all, I finally got to watch the Stewart/Colbert rally online. I'm glad I was there. The crowd was overwhelmingly nice, friendly, pleasant and engaged. Plus, I got to see [ profile] tigermind and meet her bf and her friend [ profile] hunter7. And I got to catch up with [ profile] ladyaelfwynn and kidlet.

I have so little time these days, and I know I keep saying I will post pictures of this and that. But I will. The list is growing steadily - rally, Portland, Infinitus stuff. I know. I know!

I picked up my final fruit share on Tuesday and it included honeycrisp apples, cranberries and gooseberries. Tonight I plan to try my hand at individual gooseberry pies (as I didn't get that many berries). Last night I made some cranberry muffins that were a bit chewy but yummy )

Yesterday I got to sleep late and then I went to vote. I'm extremely pleased to see NY State roundly reject that homophobic, racist nutjob Paladino. Not so happy to hear what happened in Michigan, Illinois and Ohio. Sorry to hear Prop 19 didn't pass in California. And very unhappy about the House results. So pretty much, we've got 2 months to pass anything before we have two years of even more clusterf*ck than we've already had.

Elsewhere in the news, I've got dinner meetings with two researchers in my field in the next two weeks - one a doctoral candidate who I met via SF a few months ago who is very well connected as she's the partner of someone in a position of LGBT leadership, the other a former NGLTF research intern who I cold-contacted after my former CSA share forwarded me an email from her on a project related to my dissertation topic. Small world, and SO glad I mentioned my dissertation to my CSA share! Even more glad I was nice to her all season. :D Not that I wouldn't be, of course . . .

I also made professional contact with someone at a University in North Carolina who has agreed to list me as a reference in her literature review for a study I had published on homeless older adults. :beams: This was someone I met at the conference in Portland, btw.

Tonight I have so much prep work to do. I can't seem to get the fuzz out of my brain today. I'm attending the dissertation defense of someone I'm friendly with in my program. She used a data set I briefly looked at for my own dissertation. But seeing as how she was so far ahead of me and was asking all the questions I would have asked, there was no point in using it. I'm keen to cheer her on, and curious about both the process and her work.

I've got soooo much reading to do it's painful. And I'm hosting both a Booshfest and Thanksgiving at my house. These and other commitments mean I won't have a weekend "off" until December, I think. And now my University wants me to teach Saturday mornings in the Spring. I'm getting rather fond of Thursday night classes. But what can you do?

Well, that's more than a couple of thoughts, but that's the state of things at Hogwarts on the Hudson. Or Xooberon. Or Gallifrey. You choose your fandom home. ^_^

I need a nap!
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So it's the end of my summer CSA season. It seems the people who started it up are exhausted and won't be running it again. As such, if I do another one next year I'll have to scout out another. I got hugs when I went for my pickup. People thanked me for posting recipes. One person begged me to take over the administration next year. But there's simply no way.

I followed [ profile] sketchybrunette's lead and joined the winter CSA at another site. It's a monthly pickup, but I don't know if I'll be posting about that yet. It will feature root vegetables, dairy products, eggs and some pickled vegetables. And I suppose in the Spring there will be some early greens. (It runs for 6 months beginning in December).

This week's penultimate pickup (as I still have a fruit pickup left) includes:

White Potatoes
Habanero Peppers
Sweet Potatoes
Butternut Squash
Honeycrisp apples

I see another Japanese curry in my future, and either a stir fry or a nice soup. :-) Not too shabby for the end of the season, eh?
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I just realized I forgot to post my CSA haul for the week. Last week I gave my share to my share partner as I knew I'd be away. This week makes 19 of 20. One more to go! If I'm honest, I will say that while I'm deeply glad to have joined it, I am a bit exhausted now. [ profile] sketchybrunette, ever the foodie and organically committed, has joined a winter share and I am on the fence about joining it too. The pickup is only once a month, but it's not in my neighborhood. And I just know I will be fighting with myself over pickup if we have a terrible winter. But it sounds like they'll get some good stuff, and all things that I eat on a regular basis. Onions, potatoes, other root veggies, eggs and dairy products (you get a choice of organic dairy products or meat). Potatoes are on the "dirty dozen" list, so the incentive to buy organic is pretty high. Plus, I really love the idea of supporting a local farmer.

But I digress. Here is this week's list:

Acorn Squash
Sweet potatoes
Collard Greens
Empire Apples
Winesap Apples (my favorite!)
jug of Cider

I swapped with my share, she took all the collards and I took all the kale; And I gave her the pumpkin and acorn squash for extra eggplant. I am allergic to roasted pumpkin seeds and her kids can have fun carving the pumpkin anyway. Plus, I still have some calabaza left. It was a very large wedge.

This morning I cooked up an egg with some onions and a sweet potato for breakfast. Soooo yummy. Here's hoping it keeps me sated most of the day. I was unnervingly hungry all day yesterday.

This weekend is looking to be crazy busy. But I'm especially looking forward to Sunday as the Merchant House Museum is hosting their annual reenactment of a Victorian Funeral. They host it at the museum, and then you follow a procession to the Marble Cemetery (which is rarely open to the public). They encourage people to dress in Victorian mourning outfits, so I will be repurposing my Widow Snape outfit, meeting up with [ profile] vraidaae, and going with [ profile] drfardook will of course be photographing everything. CAN'T WAIT!

And now I've got a stack of papers to grade. Fingers crossed I can get them done before class tonight.
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A recipe for a certain Roasted Beet soup can be found here! :) (Note: You can comment here, or there if you have a blogspot account).

So this chest cold from last week is still kicking my arse. I've been pretty wiped after work. And this morning when my alarm went off my brain said "Who is calling me this early in the morning?" It took at least a minute to register that it was my morning alarm. (I should note that I use my iPhone as my alarm clock and have one of my ring tones for the alarm).

I'm thinking that's not good. So I'm reeeaaaally glad we've got a 3-day weekend coming up. All hail Bank Holiday Monday!

I've decided to dive into my readings and write my study aims this weekend, now that I'm 99% done with the codebook for my variables. I'm meeting my ex-gf SF on Monday to go over the remaining variables, seeing as how she was one of the original researchers for the study. I feel it's imperative to have study aims down before I go to the professional conference, so I have something easy and not clumsy to roll off my tongue when people ask me what my dissertation is about.

I'm also waiting for part 2 of Jazz Dalek to come back from my lovely beta [ profile] bluestocking79. Not feeling as good about my writing, though I do like my ideas. So that'll be a bit of work. Can't wait to hear her comments (good, bad or otherwise).

So yeah, I'll be flying to Portland next week, an evening flight. Usually I try to sleep on the plane but I think this time I will see if I can get work done instead because I don't want to be up all night and exhausted at the conference.. For some reason, I don't have the usual pre-flight anxieties. What I have instead is a sort of toned down awareness that I will be flying and an "I am usually more anxious than I am now feeling" feeling. The last few times I've flown, I've managed all right. Is it possible I have only residual fear of flying? Does that sort of thing wear off? Or have my self-guided cognitive behavioral and pharmacological treatments simply worked? I know onset is common for women in their 30s. :shrugs:

Anyway, it looks like I missed a lot of fun at the DWNY meet last night (Tony Lee was there being his usual entertaining self), but I'm not sorry because I was too exhausted and I have to take care of myself first.

I kinda wish I didn't have to teach tonight. Or work today. But what can ya do? Gotta be a grown up, right? I have hungry kitty mouths to feed. ^_^
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Well, the CSA season is winding down. Just four more to go after this week. I'm not feeling well today, throat is scratchy and I've got a slight cough. I hope it doesn't blossom into a full blown chest cold, but I have a feeling it might. Good thing my list this week has lots of vitamin C.

Lettuce - two kinds
Bok Choi

Macintosh Apples
Grannysmith Apples

(We also got collard greens but I swapped them with my share partner for the entire share of beets)

I now have a stockpile of apples, and even eating one a day I can't get through them all. So I am going to take a cue from [ profile] sketchybrunette and try my hand at her Apple Butter recipe, what I bookmarked a few weeks ago.

I'm debating whether to make borscht or just roast the beets and eat as is. The last time I had beets I put them in a risotto that looked like an interesting recipe, but turned out to be terrible (too sweet for my taste). Maybe a roasted beet salad is in order. Oh, decisions decisions!

I am also thinking to make corn fritters at some point, as I've got so much corn in my fridge. I've been adding it to beans and salads. But there's just so much of it. I've got a nice recipe for Indian lentil fritters with cilantro. Maybe I'll add the corn to that.

And I still have an eggplant from last week that will either wind up in some pasta or become a bowl of baba ganoush.

Thoughts, flist?
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Today I landed on the Yahoo front page and saw this article about egg production and the salmonella outbreak. And for awhile now I've been slowly reading Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan. It used to be the case that social workers took an interest in food production - both from a labor perspective and a public health perspective. But I am thinking of the very early days of the profession, during the Progressive Era before Freud captured the hearts and minds of academicians and subverted some of the social change nature of the profession.

Freud made some amazing contributions - and one thing I took from the Modern Masters series was how Dali chose to apply theories of the unconscious to his art. And Warhol looked at mass production in his art. I live for stuff like that.

But I digress. I joined my CSA back in May because I wanted to eat organic produce, but also because I wanted to support a locavore system to the extent possible. They had an egg share, but nobody joined it. There was no way I would have eaten 6 eggs a week for 20 weeks. So I eat cage-free organic eggs, even though I am aware there is something of a "pasture myth" around labeling at the present.

One of the problems outlined by Pollan, though he does not phrase it exactly this way, is that farming in the States has moved from a systems theory driven-method to an assembly-line method much like Ford instituted to make cars. It's a product of the industrial revolution, the main goal of which is to produce faster to make more money - not provide quality nutritious food to the public. That's not a slam against capitalism per se, but a critique of what happens when the driving demands of a growing public combined with the drive for the dollar over concerns for public health intersect to negative effect. There's no good reason in my mind why farming can't be healthy product producing and livable-wage earning, why we can't grow food without destroying our bodies and our planet in the process or harming the creatures we depend upon to do so. And no satisfying reason why we subsidize inedible corn over organic salad greens and safe hen houses.

I can't help but see things from a theory perspective, probably because I am immersing myself in theory for my dissertation. But when members of the House exclaim they've never seen such a disturbing picture of food production, I am brought right back to the turn of the last century and the likes of Upton Sinclair. The early 20th century was rife with corruption, individual concerns to the detriment of the public, loss of faith in government (which lead to Progressive Era reforms such as the right to secret ballot). This seems like an individual right and individual concerns, but it is in fact a small part of the bigger picture of fair elections in a democratic system.

I feel so very much like one vital part of our national dialogue is so individual-focused that we forget we are also a system. And rhetoric has replaced theory and the science that comes out of theory. So it takes the threat of loss of life before the House examines a food-production system that been allowed to flourish under circumstances I'd hardly call benign neglect.

A part of me wishes I could go to the Stewart event in October. But I haven't got a car and don't know anyone who is going and I have neither the time nor energy to corral my friends. But another part of me feels like it is simply a potentially unproductive counter to Glenn Beck's event. I think about that video of people who went to Beck's event and how inarticulate and angry they were. And while I don't take that video as evidence that none of the people at that rally were articulate and well-informed (which is different from having a legitimate difference of opinion), I do reflect on the national voices given privilege and how that filtered down to their statements. I also wonder how any random person at a rally might react to a camera off the top of their head and know deep in my heart that there will be opportunists ready to make a fool of those who show up to it just the same.

Yet I do feel like food safety is something we should all be able to rally around as a nation. When we privilege "agribusiness" as Pollan calls it, over public health we are making a statement as a nation about what we value. I don't believe these Congress people when they say they are shocked by food production. I do believe they have all be caught with their pants down, because we don't value the lives of our citizens (or the poor animals) over the businesses' interests in expansion or elected officials' interest in fighting rather than addressing our nations' problems. And I do wish we could get to a more systems-theory driven farm production where corn isn't subsidized so I can get a bottle of coke for less money than an average-sized peach in the middle of summer.

Sorry if this entry got a little tl;dr. I didn't expect my rant to run that long!

Oh, and before I forget- my CSA pickup this week was eggplant, broccoli, carrots, peppers, tomatillos and mizuna. Plus a boatload of Macintosh apples.
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This weekend I ran the risk of having my Puerto Rican heritage revoked for making truly hippyish black beans. But I made them with tomatillo guacamole, using a recipe from the NYTimes.

piccie behind the clicky )

The Guardian published another one of those celebrity "interviews" that's a series of thematic quotes. I am sad to say (confirm, really) that my CSA blog and foodie posts would be completely lost on Noel Fielding. Oh well, nobody's perfect. I do agree 100%, however with his sentiments regarding tea.

I'm having tea and toast with nutella this morning, btw. Mmmmmm.

Last, a MEME from [ profile] soulsister101 who gave me the RIDICULOUS letter J )
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Hello my darlings. It's been a crazy couple of days and there are things I want to write about, but haven't the presence of mind because Benadryl has not left my system. Chiefly, I saw "I Am Love" in the cinema on Friday and was completely blown away by it. I also went to the Howl Festival and it was verrrry small, but saw a terrific piece of performance art. I will post picture(s) and/or video when I get the chance to sift through them.

Work is crazy today. One of my staff is on holiday and I am fielding all of her calls and so I am doing two jobs this week instead of one. It's a very important position, as well, as this person deals with everything specifically related to housing. Having an antihistamine-addled brain isn't helping. My eyes are also super blurry because of the combined effect of allergies and dry eyes. This time of year is always the worst for my head - literally my neck up.

Fic Writing
I've been toiling away at my Boosh fic, and it's not easy writing comedy. I'm trying to fashion it to read like one of the shows, with a narrative setup, dialogue, certain in-jokes, etc., and just don't have the skill level. But it's ok, this is an exercise in fun and also to use my brain in a different way to stimulate creativity for writing theory (believe it or not). HP fic came easier to me, and I wonder if it's because that was a medium based in reading. The language was in my head already. This show is both heavy in dialogue/banter and reliant on visual comedy that isn't as easily translated to fanfic for me. And I'm not even miles near any thought of writing smut. (Maybe that's my problem!)

One happy little accident I discovered over the weekend was about a download. I wanted to snip out the music concert ending of their Future Sailors Tour DVD (that I downloaded from "Jacques LeCube") so I imported the file into Audacity. I have little skill with that program, but I know how to cut and save as mp3. When I went to play back, I discovered there was heretofore undiscovered audio commentary. So, yay hidden gem!

But anyway, the Empire Justice Center has released their Self-Sufficiency Standard for the State of New York, which calculates by county what a household needs just to get by as minimally self-sufficient (as opposed to the poverty line, which is a different but similar measure of 'when you are officially considered poor' and is a national standard).

They calculate a family of three in Brooklyn (1 adult, 1 pre-schooler and 1 school-age child) needs $63,166/yr or $29.91/hr - $22.66 above the minimum wage for NY State. This amount varies not only by county, but also within NYC by borough (and Northern vs Southern Manhattan). Of course, I plan to use this later in the semester for my class.

Now I'm off to get my pick-up. Will post the list shortly.

ETA: CSA This week we got:

Summer Squash
Plum Tomatoes
Green Tomatillos
Butternut Squash
Macintosh Apples
Pears (two kinds)

I've never cooked tomatillos before. Any ideas out there?
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Wow, it's week 13 of 20 for my CSA. Soon these posts will be nowt but a memory. But for now . . .

Green leaf lettuce
Yellow carrots
Tomatoes - Beefsteak and grape varieties
Bell Pepper - green and red

I'm thinking borscht, sauteed beet greens, and rava upma (an Indian semolina dish). Not sure what else.

One of the CSA members told me today she likes the food blog because I'm so upbeat. LOL. I guess I am. I leave the snark behind on that site.
gina_r_snape: me as drawn by pennswoods (eggplant)
This is a reproduction of my food blog entry.

Here are two sides that I, as a vegetarian, prefer to boost up to center stage as they contain some protein. Quinoa in particular is a grain with a very high protein content. Every vegetable in these two recipes (except for the garlic) has been a part of our CSA this season.

Do you remember the epazote we got way back in the beginning? Well with any luck, you might have dried it like I did after having used a few fresh leaves.

Quinoa Pilaf )

Pasta Salad )
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I have a flickr account. I have woefully neglected it. But in the past two days I took photos of things I found particularly striking. So I share with you a study in colors:

Brown - I found the decay visually appealing - shoes, rusty old fan and the edge of a skip )

Orange - Tomatoes from my CSA today )

Black - I saw this sign sticking out of some bin bags on my street and thought How utterly gothic. Black-on-black. Perhaps we need the goth detectives to find out what in those bags we should be wary of )

Oh, and my CSA pickup this week includes:

Swiss Chard
Orange Tomatoes
Green Bell Peppers
Green Chile Peppers
Poblano Peppers
Bosc Pears
Macintosh Apples
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It's been a quiet day at the shelter. Half my staff are out on holiday or escorting clients. I can't seem to wake up. So I decided to work on the photos from my dinner last night.

I made a Japanese curry! It's ridonkulously easy. And I used vegetables entirely from my CSA:

butternut squash

Dice to bite size chunks. Saute onions in oil for a few minutes. Add the other veggies. Stir until all are coated in cooking oil. Add water. Boil for 10 minutes (until vegetables are tender but firm). Add Japanese curry cubes (it looks like the weirdest chocolate bar you've ever seen). Boil until thickens. Serve over rice.

After I added the curry, it looked so murky and ominous I thought it resembled something one might boil in a cauldron for potions class. So I took a little movie of it and even made an icon today:

Here are two pics of the final product. Which do you like better?

With spoon: )

Without spoon: )

FYI, I used Golden Curry (mild). Next time I will go for the medium, as the squash made it taste rather sweet for a savory dish.
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Well, kids. It's week 11 of my CSA and beginning to feel like an exercise in endurance. My share partner was there for distribution this week, so it was nice to discuss the split instead of making assumptions. Plus, I got a free ear of roasted corn, as the farmer dropped off a small handful.

This week's cornucopia includes:

yellow onion
red onion
butternut squash

I passed on the soybeans and the lemongrass. My share partner seemed deeply disappointed. And I quote "Well if you aren't going to take the lemongrass, what hope is there for the rest of us? You're the creative one in the collective!"

Oh bless.

It's delightfully cool and overcast today in NYC. I got to wear normal clothes again and feel like a mushroom. For various reasons, I'm feeling the need for comfort food. The squash is calling me. What does it say, flist?
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