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Okaaaay. Ok. All right, already! :ducks:

Now that the timing has made such that I'm sure nobody is looking and/or interested anymore :headdesk: HERE is my Gally post. Forgive the delay. Photobucket is a right pain in the backside now, making this post 100 times more difficult to post than before. $#@$%!!!!

In short, T-Rex and I had a wonderful time. I felt relaxed. I spent time with my peeps and managed to steer clear of any and all drama, and it all turned out surprisingly well. [personal profile] elrina753, [profile] tennis_bear, T-Rex and I spent loads of time together. I also got to see [personal profile] prof_pangaea and [personal profile] nonelvis and [personal profile] frobisher and [profile] soulsister101 and [profile] doctorpancakes and I'm not sure who else is even on LJ anymore who I saw. But I brought Queen Victoria and my new outfit for Queen Galleia. T-Rex and I wore matching TARDIS robes to lobbycon that brought joy and amusement to many. And there was some harmless and amusing flirting with a couple of peeps I've gotten to know better now that I've been going for a few years. And walking! T-Rex and I left the hotel and wandered the area and found a NYC-style bagel place.

And I got to hang out with Sylvester McCoy again, and Frasier Hines and Daphne Ashbrook and Peter Purves (who loved my Queen Victoria so much he asked me for a picture (!). I saw Ben Browder and Freema Agyeman speak. And T-Rex gave me the awesomest earrings for Valentine's Day.

Okaaaay, okaaaay, I know. It's pictures you lot want. Have at 'em

Nymphadora doesn't want me to leave
 photo 69635_10200673320541197_1847776630_n.jpg

Flying over Moffat on our way to LA
 photo 12969_10200684552301984_995629437_n.jpg

Ken Deep and I give good face
 photo B424F9D4-E1A1-4F12-8C98-AA0E8C653D44-5083-000004F6816EB363.jpg

Getting cuddly with [profile] tennis_bear
 photo BA85C15A-D0F6-40BF-8390-CBBB3C07D6D2-5083-000004F68EFF43D6.jpg

COSplayers and Foes, oh my!
 photo C91DEC9B-6196-4DCD-B00E-EFDA5059F7E5-145-0000000303EC40FF.jpg  photo 599924_10200704922571228_1442222149_n.jpg  photo EE614D2B-F60B-4A0F-8365-7C63420A86CD-5083-000004F6EC52D5EB.jpg  photo 1607BAAF-90B8-4777-9B58-47C4F99ABCFF-5083-000004F6DBF800F0.jpg  photo 07F3CD4F-7C47-4A94-8098-548C9A2F1E80-5083-000004F6C1CB3F45.jpg  photo A80A97FD-40C0-4D46-B544-983D1324AF83-5083-000004F6B1BFADB5.jpg  photo 8E8AAEB3-E831-4AE7-B931-0375BEB69228-5083-000004F666D63CAA.jpg  photo B8EF787F-4B0E-4BE6-A17A-D0CE675143BC-5083-000004F656709C95.jpg  photo AE79A195-9DD2-4D56-AAAD-5118F8737C27-5083-000004F6489843A3.jpg  photo 2AF3FFAA-5812-4E31-BC4E-0AC966066AFC-5083-000004F6376ED82B.jpg

Queen Victoria makes the rounds
 photo 226975_10151559220767018_35740792_n.jpg  photo 47025_10151559222807018_899139230_n.jpg  photo 545638_10151559223112018_1241346488_n.jpg  photo meandmarcy2.jpg  photo meandmarcy.jpg  photo queenvic2.jpg  photo QueenVicandRose.jpg  photo EFB6D976-3698-49E6-9827-293DDA8289D4-9022-00000E11530D932E.jpg

"Intellect and Romance over Brute Force and Cynicism" in Chinese
 photo E141E4D4-CCF5-472E-8573-BDF56375B17A-5083-000004F69FCC95BC.jpg

Ken Deep filming a promo for LI Who with Daphne Ashbrook and Frasier Hines
 photo 50ECB08A-67EC-4EFF-9E28-D31BC892E2AA-145-00000002A0EBB47B.jpg

Some Classic Who guests
 photo 560359_10200706135161542_1600032865_n.jpg

Sylvester McCoy eschewed the stage format and went improv in the audience. Here, a hilarious bid for his hand in marriage "now that same-sex marriage is legal in the UK"
 photo 39C037A9-B8B4-4DA3-A4FA-6C04AAB526D9-9022-00000E11A5B69FE7.jpg

Freema Agyeman talks with Gary Russell
 photo 4E38CB15-A6ED-41F1-8EB3-A229BCC8D7FE-5083-000004F730B262AF.jpg

Ken's ribbon for Gary
 photo 77BEEDE5-A2E2-44C6-B45A-A13A2AEFE351-5083-000004F7106DB0BF.jpg

Someone spent a great deal of effort to collect ribbons
 photo 382250_10200704916531077_1810536907_n.jpg

Dalek Karaoke
 photo D36A51F4-B3C5-4347-B1EA-ACB945B4618F-5083-000004F6D10713C6.jpg

T-Rex and [personal profile] elrina753 went a bit crazy with the Queen Galleia photo shoot. But I'm not complaining! (note: these pics are theirs, except for the first one which was from [profile] tennis_bear
 photo queengalleia6.jpg  photo queengalleia5.jpg  photo queengalleia3.jpg  photo queengalleia2.jpg  photo queengalleia1.jpg  photo queengalleia4.jpg

T-Rex and I being silly on the "nipple couch" in the lobby
 photo Tar-Inanipplecouch.jpg

Yes, the closing ceremony was THAT CROWDED
 photo 0151C36E-EDDA-40FB-8420-DF9EEF2C005F-145-0000000409720094.jpg

T-Rex's Valentine's gift
 photo 551265_10200683784442788_902825214_n.jpg

Fun outside the hotel
 photo 9F039FBB-C5D9-43C7-9217-3DB0045ADB2B-145-000000025AC83FB8.jpg

Oh yeah, we went to the Griffith Observatory. Should I have mentioned that BEFORE posting that pic?
 photo C703971D-CE84-408A-9114-CD9A29B563A3-9022-00000E1104EF8D31.jpg  photo 1F9FC028-7DE6-4AC5-9F70-C6755F4857E8-145-000000028224099E.jpg  photo 7368FD89-EDEA-4790-AC50-BB9317BD31A7-5083-000004F15C9C2FD3.jpg  photo 2E6327B9-288C-4EE7-87D2-79FEA277158A-5083-000004F60DFF47F1.jpg  photo 71C65678-3727-4883-A610-28900A69AE90-5083-000004F1974D9EEA-1.jpg  photo 1CCF865B-FF7B-4CA4-8E58-0A0885629368-5083-000004F13F316EC0.jpg

Some lovely flowers and palm trees on the grounds
 photo 17EC8A7D-246E-4304-BAF2-EE720D6A2728-5083-000004F18897813C.jpg  photo 81776C04-96A0-4BEB-8C0D-23801599A97A-5083-000004F17E555823.jpg  photo 7A04C5F6-CD0D-4003-AD0C-716BDE8761C1-5083-000004F174C3CFE1.jpg  photo 0EA06217-CD4D-429C-AAAC-06B9436BDBD2-5083-000004F16803A2E5.jpg

Watching the planes land from below!
 photo A38AC2EC-9DF0-48A3-9F8A-02EB00E32AE8-145-000000034BFADF03.jpg

Surely this is a joke?
 photo 539713_10200711713781004_6927803_n.jpg

Iced coffee named after Canarsie! (The neighborhood in Brooklyn where I grew up)
 photo A7902BA4-2E29-452A-86B1-4F94CF2D53A7-9022-00000E1165DFBEE0.jpg

Back at home again, Nymphadora stakes her claim for the TARDIS robe
 photo 4E8F7B0D-BAC7-463B-B873-474B70F68E6B-9022-00000E111B493515.jpg

This story wouldn't be complete without a nod to T-Rex. As we waited for the bags to come out of the luggage turnstile, he predicted EXACTLY that mine would be #7. Maybe he isn't a muggle after all . . .

Happy Whoing, f-list!


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