Apr. 6th, 2013

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This was going to be a Gally post. But instead it'll be a mini nostalgia trip.

Last night my friend K and I went out for food and drinks. It's been a VERY rough week at work and going out for a bit of fun seemed like a grand idea.

We went to a place called Yuca Bar where delicious food and strong Mojitos were consumed with reckless abandon. We then found ourselves in a nice little bar called "Dream Baby" where I sucked down Appleton rum and cokes after the bartender gave us a list of all the rums they had in stock. The place used to be the Lakeside Lounge, but you wouldn't recognize it as it had been gutted (and good too, because Lakeside was really gross). I remarked to K (and later to T-Rex who joined us when we'd probably already had too many) that the music was *really* good. I mean, unusually rare these days. The kind of music only a true officionado/rock nerd of a certain generation would know to play.

So I started chatting with the bartender and he was extremely likeable. We chatted about being from the 'hood in the same time, that we were pretty close in age, he was all "my sister!". And then I asked him "do you remember this restaurant . . . that bar . . . do you remember the Green Door parties on St. Marks in the 90's? I really miss that." And he was all "THAT WAS MY PARTY." Turned out, the bartender was Danny Sage from D-Generation and he and his bandmates more or less made a sizeable chunk of the scene I loved so much in my 20s.

So I felt like an idiot for asking the guy who ran the parties if he remembered them. DUUUUUH. But he was totally gracious and excited that I missed it. And so today I've been googling times past.

This "Top Eleven Since-Closed Live Music Venues in NYC" summarizes most of the places I hung out in.

And here, for your enjoyment/amusement, is D-Generation with one of their songs "No Way Out". It's very pop and I still find it hard to believe they never got The Big Break whereas contemporaries Green Day did, because they did have the right combination of 80s punk look and commercial viability, and more authenticity. But maybe I'm just biased cuz they were my local boys.

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Okaaaay. Ok. All right, already! :ducks:

Now that the timing has made such that I'm sure nobody is looking and/or interested anymore :headdesk: HERE is my Gally post. Forgive the delay. Photobucket is a right pain in the backside now, making this post 100 times more difficult to post than before. $#@$%!!!!

In short, T-Rex and I had a wonderful time. I felt relaxed. I spent time with my peeps and managed to steer clear of any and all drama, and it all turned out surprisingly well. [personal profile] elrina753, [profile] tennis_bear, T-Rex and I spent loads of time together. I also got to see [personal profile] prof_pangaea and [personal profile] nonelvis and [personal profile] frobisher and [profile] soulsister101 and [profile] doctorpancakes and I'm not sure who else is even on LJ anymore who I saw. But I brought Queen Victoria and my new outfit for Queen Galleia. T-Rex and I wore matching TARDIS robes to lobbycon that brought joy and amusement to many. And there was some harmless and amusing flirting with a couple of peeps I've gotten to know better now that I've been going for a few years. And walking! T-Rex and I left the hotel and wandered the area and found a NYC-style bagel place.

And I got to hang out with Sylvester McCoy again, and Frasier Hines and Daphne Ashbrook and Peter Purves (who loved my Queen Victoria so much he asked me for a picture (!). I saw Ben Browder and Freema Agyeman speak. And T-Rex gave me the awesomest earrings for Valentine's Day.

Okaaaay, okaaaay, I know. It's pictures you lot want. Have at 'em )

This story wouldn't be complete without a nod to T-Rex. As we waited for the bags to come out of the luggage turnstile, he predicted EXACTLY that mine would be #7. Maybe he isn't a muggle after all . . .

Happy Whoing, f-list!


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